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INE - Python Programming for Network Engineers 2015 [64 Flv]

Автор: mitsumi » 30 июля 2015
INE - Python Programming for Network Engineers 2015 [64 Flv]
INE - Python Programming for Network Engineers 2015[64 Flv]
English | Size: 1.96 GB (2,101,508,619 bytes )
Category: Tutorial

This course is intended for network engineering professionals who want to take their creative thought processes to the next level by writing code. Whether it's freeing up time at work by automating simple operational tasks or developing a complete framework for shifting traffic off of routers during scheduled changes, programming is an invaluable skill from which any network engineer will gain immediate returns. This course will teach students how to write Python by developing a complete command-line application that will regularly retrieve device configurations, check code in to a version control system, and receive configuration policy violation reports via email. This course is based on Python Release 2.7.

Course Duration: 7h 20m

The Python Programming Environment

Choosing an Operating System

Operating Systems Supported by Python 2 m
Why Choose Linux? 3 m
virtualenv & virtualenwrapper 13 m
Total Duration: 19m

Configuring Your Text Editor (PEP 8)

Indentation 10 m
Spaces Over Tabs 7 m
Source File Encoding 6 m
Comments 2 m
Total Duration: 27m

The Python Interactive Interpreter

Running the Interpreter 5 m
Running code inside the Interpreter 4 m
Learning with the Interpreter 23 m
Total Duration: 32m

Running Your Python Scripts

Saving Your Source Files 1 m
Executing Your Source Files 3 m
What does the Shebang (#!) Line Do? 4 m
Total Duration: 9m

Python Fundamentals

The Python Object/Execution Model

Everything is an Object 1 m
Two Types of Objects 2 m
Statements and Expressions 5 m
Total Duration: 9m


Traditional Variable Concepts 2 m
Variables in Python 3 m
Total Duration: 6m

Data Types

Data Types :: Strings 8 m
Data Types :: Integers 2 m
Data Types :: Floats 2 m
Data Types :: Lists 5 m
Data Types :: Dictionaries 5 m
Data Types :: Tuples 6 m
Total Duration: 32m

Control Structures

Control Structures :: if/else/elif Statements 10 m
Control Structures :: for loops 4 m
Control Structures :: while loops 2 m
Control Structures :: Breaking Out of Loops 4 m
Control Structures :: The 'pass' Statement 2 m
Total Duration: 24m


Functions :: What is Scope? 17 m
Functions & Arguments 8 m
Functions :: Positional Arguments 3 m
Functions :: Keyword Arguments 2 m
Total Duration: 31m

(Slightly) More Advanced Python


Exceptions :: What are Exceptions? 3 m
Exceptions :: Catching Exceptions 8 m
Exceptions :: The "try/finally" Clause 2 m
Total Duration: 14m

Working with Files and Directories

Using 'open' 5 m
File Object Modes 8 m
File Object Methods 4 m
The 'with' Statement 3 m
Total Duration: 21m

Complex Data Structures

How to Think About Data 9 m
Example One :: A List of Lists 5 m
Example Two :: A Lists of Dictionaries 4 m
Example Three :: A Dictionary of Dictionaries 16 m
Total Duration: 35m

Maintaining State

Maintaining State :: Data Serialization 2 m
Maintaining State :: XML 6 m
Maintaining State :: YAML 6 m
Maintaining State :: JSON 5 m
Maintaining State :: Pickle 5 m
Maintaining State :: Databases 5 m
Total Duration: 31m


Finding and Using Modules 5 m
Creating Your Own Modules 2 m
Namespaces :: A Cautionary Tale 10 m
Total Duration: 19m

Command-line Arguments

What's ARGV Anyway? 19 m
The argparse Module 4 m
Argument Types 3 m
Total Duration: 27m

Misc. Topics

Programming Examples :: Part 1 20 m
Programming Examples :: Part 2 14 m
Programming Examples :: Part 3 33 m
Programming Examples :: Part 4 11 m
Procedural Programming 3 m
Object-Oriented Programming 4 m
Functional Programming 4 m
Jinja2 Template Engine Review 5 m
Total Duration: 1h 37m

End of Course

INE - Python Programming for Network Engineers 2015 [64 Flv]

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