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Udemy : Speak German Fluently In Less than 4 Months!

Автор: mitsumi » 5 августа 2015
Udemy : Speak German Fluently In Less than 4 Months!
Udemy : Speak German Fluently In Less than 4 Months!
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This is the flagship course from Dr. Bogard's Time to Learn German school, offered here at Udemy at a special price. This is a professional, effective, full semester video course that makes it possible for you to have a conversation in German much faster than in any traditional classroom. You won't get a podcast course with the professor lecturing, while you stare at a static image that's been turned into a video. You won't be falling asleep either, because you will be engaged in challenging work, that moves along at the pace you choose. You will watch Dr. Bogard, and complete your lessons, as she walks you step by step through the process of acquiring German. The entire course should take you about 12-16 weeks to complete.

When taught in person at a private university this course can cost as much as $1,730 per credit hour. Since this is a full 4 credit semester course, it's worth well over $3,000. Now On Udemy you get it with free life-time updates, a money-back guarantee, and access to your instructor at just under $500 for years to come. With an opportunity like this, it's a great time, and a great place, for you to learn German!

What you can expect:
The goal at TimetoLearnGerman is to help you learn German, and end the course being able to maintain a 5 to 15 minute German conversation (i.e. be fluent) with a native speaker of German. Fifteen minutes may not sound like much, but for a beginner to speak using a new language for even 5 minutes without reverting to English, or standing frozen and silent like a deer in headlights, is an amazing accomplishment. Some of Dr. Bogard's most enthusiastic beginners have even been able to speak German for up to 30 minutes. Simply amazing!
This can happen when you are highly motivated (by fear, hope, love, challenge, etc.), and spend 30 minutes every day following this unique step by step method. You will be following a 'polyglot-style" learning path, and performing the same techniques that many multilingual students use to give themselves a beginner's level fluency skill in the time it takes to finish just one college course. Remember- most students, who study a foreign language for years in school, NEVER become fluent speakers of that language, so 16 weeks of 30 minutes of daily practice is really amazing!
Dr. Bogard's research project helped to uncover the secrets of polyglots.
Last year Dr. Bogard finished her two-year research project on polyglots. Polyglots are people from all areas of the world, who have taught themselves how to speak many languages. Her research objective was to discover how they are able to do this themselves, by studying their attitudes, beliefs, and study behaviors related to their foreign language learning. The study consolidated the behaviors common to the group she was following, and embedded those techniques into a new learning method. From there she created a new curriculum to use with her own students. It's the kind of learning journey that anyone with a very strong need or desire to learn a foreign language can follow, but it requires a knowledgeable guide to show the exact manner and order to the steps . This course does just that: walks you carefully through the fastest and most effective, step-by-step foreign language learning method based on the best tips and tricks that many of the world's most successful polyglots use to help themselves learn to speak 8, 12 and even 20+ different languages. Dr. Bogard refers to it as her "faster fluency" method.
Why German?
You want to learn German, because it's an influential language in the world of business and economics, so speaking German often opens income producing opportunities. Did you know that Germany has become the economic envy of Europe? And if you are able to speak German, you could earn $128,000 extra over the course of your career, according to MIT scientist Albert Saiz. His research showed that knowing German is financially worth twice as much as French, and nearly three times as much as Spanish. Germany, Austria, Switzerland, and Liechtenstein are gorgeous countries with great public transportation systems, that make it easy to explore so you can bring more adventure into your life. Once you are there you can explore the beautiful landscapes and historical cities with ease. Learning German also makes it easier for you to make new friends, who are eager to introduce you to the best food and drinks you can imagine! You can easily fall in love with this country, the people and the language. You would be smart to choose German as your next language. It's waiting for you now.
German is also the language Dr. Bogard has been teaching in a traditional classroom for more than 20 years. Being online now, she has more opportunities to reach new learners, and help them with her cutting-edge curriculum that shows you how to harness the power of people on the Internet to become your new friends and support network.
You are getting her best!
Having concluded two rounds of testing this new "Faster Fluency" online method with her own classroom students, she knows that having more students means meeting more diverse needs, so lessons are updated on a regular basis. The flagship course you purchase now will include all these changes, for the life of the course. Dr. Bogard's course also includes interaction with her through the discussion forum, should you have questions and need a helping hand.
If you have trouble, or are unhappy about an experience in this course, PLEASE tell Dr. Bogard all about it in the discussion forum. She checks it regularly and her first priority is to help you solve any challenges, or respond to your advice about something that would make the course better for you. Dr. Bogard is adamant that you do NOT leave a bad review and quit! She believes that almost all problems can be solved when you both work together on it. Taking a moment to share your thoughts in the discussion area is always appreciated and helps build a more rewarding experience for you. Both positive and negative comments inspire a bigger discussion, which can lead to a better course to benefit all. This course is constantly adjusted, improved and expanded based on feedback from Dr. Bogard's students. You are in a 'living' course, and these new changes are always included with your purchase. We thank you in advance for your active participation in the discussion forum, and please leave a positive 5 star review when you can. Anything less than 5 stars is judged a failure, so please post a comment in the discussion forum, if you feel like you can't leave a 5 star review. Dr. Bogard will make every attempt to support your learning success.
We believe that this very carefully constructed "Faster Fluency" method is unlike any other offered in any physical or online school. We promise it's great, and it comes with a money back guarantee during the first 30 days.
What is TTLG?
Time to Learn German (TTLG) is Dr. Bogard's online school for anyone who NEEDS to be fluent in German fast. The only requirement for success is that you absolutely must have a burning desire or serious need to become fluent fast. Not just a "wouldn't it be nice to speak German" attitude, because that's not enough motivation to make you maintain a daily 30 minute practice; either as one chunk or by breaking it down into three 10 minutes sessions each day. High motivation and making a small, daily time commitment are the only prerequisites for purchasing any of the courses at TTLG. It's also very important that you follow Dr. Bogard's learning "recipe" exactly as the instructions say. She can't make any guarantees of a 'delicious' success, if you change or omit the ingredients, and alter the 'cooking' directions. If learning to speak could be done in an easier and even quicker way, she would be doing that with you already!
What this course is not.
Please keep in mind that this is not a tutoring course, so you can't turn in your own work and have Dr. Bogard correct it for you, or personally tutor you. But she does show you how to get free help online, and there are professional German tutors on Udemy to help you even more.
She's also available to you in the class discussion board, in case you have questions about the course or the materials.
This course is very specific in it's purpose: to teach you how to get yourself into German conversations as quickly as possible. However, if you need to pass a specific German language exam, then a different course might be better for you. In Dr. Bogard's physical classrooms, she prepares students for various exams and the strategies and methods used are particular to each. With your positive support, she might bring these courses to Udemy in the future, but that's not what this first TTLG course here is. Although you do learn all basic foreign language skills, it's designed to teach you oral skills as thoroughly and quickly as possible. Of course, if your exam includes a speaking evaluation, then this course will help you do better on that part!
What do you get in this course?
Each course is a full semester (4 month) class, but you can do it faster or slower. Dr. Bogard helps you master one spectacular conversation, and along that path, she helps you understand all the basics of German grammar, and helps you learn to read and write in German with the help of native speakers. She also includes cultural lessons and social skills development- like telling a joke in German. The final capstone project is you speaking with real native Germans! This is an exhilarating, challenging, and unforgettable experience that will make you feel GREAT! Dr. Bogard walks you through every step of this entire process with short and simple videos, quick quizzes to make sure you are following the lessons exactly, and specific exercises that she saw polyglots use successfully.
When you finish the first course, you can move on to the next course in this series (planned for release in August 2015) that revolves around a new conversation, a grammar review to deepen your understanding of the structure of the German language, and new cultural topics. You will easily move faster in subsequent TTLG courses, because you will already be familiar with the steps in the "Faster Fluency" method you learn here.
Dr. Bogard's aim is to help you build your fluency one conversation at a time, as a huge chunk, instead of using lots of phrases from many different topics at the same time, which is overwhelming for beginners, and doesn't result in a finished product.
Did you have German in high school or college?
If you've had a German course in the past, we welcome you with open arms! We believe you will enjoy Dr. Bogard's new method and this great learning approach, because it's super organized and easy to follow, with lots of videos where you can see her, and listen to her, as she leads you through your lessons. You will get faster and better results than in any of your old classes.
Why learn from Dr. Bogard?
Eva's first language is German, but she was born in New York city to an American-German dad and a German mom who spoke no English at the time. She started learning English on her first day of Kindergarten. Since then, she has pursued her own foreign language learning by studying French in Paris, St. Malo and Tours, France. She has been a former university adjunct instructor at three different universities, and is currently a certified practicing high school classroom teacher with more than two decades of experience teaching German. Her doctoral degree, from the University of South Florida in Tampa, is in Second Language Acquisition and Instructional Technology. Her Master's is in Foreign Language Education, and her Bachelor's is in German. Foreign language learning has been part of her entire life, so she can confidently call herself an expert in this field of foreign language learning. She feels very passionate about showing as many people as she can how they can be independent, successful German students using her "Faster Fluency" system.
Dr. Bogar'ds educational background, teaching experience, and love of learning translate into courses that are not only effective, but also academically strong. Each course in the TTLG series is the length of a complete 3 credit, semester college class, that would cost you many hundreds of dollars, if taken at a college. Most of them use traditional classroom methods, which are unlikely to result in you being able to speak fluently by the end of a course. She believes that the way teachers are trained to teach in a traditional classroom setting, and the unforeseen challenges that are inherent in a classroom with one teacher and many students, result in slow progress. Her unique "Faster Fluency" method", based on extensive research on how today's successful polyglots teach themselves, is available for you here and now.
It's time to start now.
You benefit in other ways too by purchasing a TTLG course now. Since these classes are offered outside the university, you can give yourself the luxury of choosing how fast or slow you complete the course. You are also in control of your learning, by replaying video and audio lessons, rereading lectures, and having access to an expert, who wants you to succeed. Dr. Bogard has also completed an international training program in adult education, so she knows how you need to learn.
You will not only learning the basics of every part of the structure of the German language, but you are also acquiring reading and writing skills, and the ability to understand and adapt your behavior to fit into German culture, not to mention the main goal of being able to have a conversation with other speakers of German.
This course is a great value: rich content, an expert instructor, a unique and faster learning method, the highest quality of research-based education, and you own it along with instructor support for life! The more courses you do in Dr. Bogard's Time to Learn German school, the stronger your language skills become, and the more fun and opportunity you bring into your life. Completion of all lessons also comes with a certificate to add to your professional portfolio.
You CAN build a better and more fascinating you, when you learn German with Eva Bogard! What are you waiting for? Enroll now by clicking the button on this screen!

What are the requirements?

A real need or strong desire to learn German quickly.

What am I going to get from this course?

Over 131 lectures and 7.5 hours of content!
The ability to speak German to every German speaker you meet!
Beautiful German pronunciation
Reading and writing skills.
Listening practice to help you understand the German that is spoken to you
Cultural lessons that help you make friends and blend in with the German community
Simple grammar lessons for every part of speech
Over 54 hours of lessons- equivalent to a 4 credit college course.
Many on-screen instructor videos, native-speaker audios and course handouts
Self assessments to help you complete the course successfully.
Access to a fully certified, qualified professional German instructor with over 20 years experience teaching over 2000 students
A native German speaker with a doctoral degree in Second Language Acquisition and Instructional Technology
Dr. Bogard's research-based and step-by-step Faster Fluency system
Curriculum that follows the guidelines and objectives of the American Council on the Teaching of Foreign Languages (ACTFL)
A certificate after you finish this course to show to your employer, school, family or friends
Free course updates, and lifetime access to this course!
Includes 172 curriculum items!

What is the target audience?

Strong motivation will make it possible for you to stick to your required 30 minute daily practice.
This course is delivered in English, to an intended audience of English speakers.
Having a real need, or powerful desire, to learn German

Section 1: Welcome! Remember to always click the HD button on the bottom of every video.
Lecture 1 What is "Time to Learn German" on Udemy? Preview 02:19
Lecture 2 Meet Your Instructor Preview 03:01
Lecture 3 "All About Me" Course Overview Preview 06:11
Lecture 4 Welcome! 01:23
I just want to say welcome, and wish you good luck in your "All About Me" course!

Section 2: Assignments for Getting Started
Lecture 5 Why Do You Want to Learn German? 1 page
Lecture 6 Motivation: Sample Motivators Preview 02:25
See some of the many motivations that can make it easier for you to stick with your daily language practice.

Lecture 7 Schedule Your Learning for Each Day 1 page
Lecture 8 Build Your Support Network 03:26
Lecture 9 Set Up Your Journal 3 pages
Lecture 10 Step by Step Tutorial for Creating Your Learning Journal 09:11
How to start a WordPress blog

Lecture 11 Your Assignment Sheet 1 page
Lecture 12 Listening to the Radio 1 page
Lecture 13 Live Steaming German Talk Radio Stations 7 pages
Lecture 14 Help Beyond the Discussion Board Preview Text
Lecture 15 How to Schedule a Live Office Visit 02:38
Section 3: Pronunciation
Lecture 16 The Sounds of German 1 page
Lecture 17 How to Pronounce German 09:55
Lecture 18 The Difference Between a Quiz and a Test 2 pages
Quiz 1 Video and Handout Comprehension Check 13 questions
Lecture 19 "All About Me" Pronunciation Lesson 3 pages
Lecture 20 "All About Me" Audio of the Bilingual List 08:29
Quiz 2 Pronunciation Lesson Check 10 questions
Section 4: Listening
Lecture 21 Introduction to the Listening Assignments Text
Lecture 22 Listening Activity 1 04:14
Quiz 3 Listening TEST #1 18 questions
Section 5: Vocabulary
Lecture 23 "All About Me " Flashcards 1 page
Quiz 4 Flashcard Assignment Check 6 questions
Lecture 24 German to English Practice 1 page
Lecture 25 German to English Practice Tool 04:27
Quiz 5 German to English Tool Check 5 questions
Lecture 26 English to German Practice 1 page
Lecture 27 English to German Practice Tool 07:26
Quiz 6 English to German Tool Check 3 questions
Section 6: Reading
Lecture 28 "All About Me" Dialog Introduction 1 page
Lecture 29 "All About Me" Dialog Assignment #1 1 page
Lecture 30 "All About Me" Dialog Assignment #2 1 page
Lecture 31 "All About Me" Dialog Assignment #3 1 page
Quiz 7 Check Your English Translations and Your Shadowing Technique 7 questions
Lecture 32 "All About Me" Dialog Assignment #4 1 page
Lecture 33 "All About Me" Dialog Assignment #5 1 page
Lecture 34 "All About Me" Dialog Assignment #6 1 page
Quiz 8 Comprehension and Spelling Check 6 questions
Lecture 35 "All About Me" Dialog Assignment #7 1 page
Section 7: Grammar
Lecture 36 It's Time for Grammar 1 page
Quiz 9 Are you ready for grammar? 8 questions
Lecture 37 Intro to Articles 1 page
Lecture 38 ARTICLES- What You Need to Know Preview 04:14
Quiz 10 Articles Quiz 4 questions
Lecture 39 Assignment: Color Coding Articles 2 pages
Lecture 40 Check Your Coding of Articles 03:11
Use this answer key to fix your errors and see how well you did.

Lecture 41 Instruction Sheet for the Written Grammar Assignment 1 page
Lecture 42 Written Grammar Assignment Sheet: ARTICLES 1 page
This is for textbook chapters 1 and 3

Lecture 43 Grammar Chapter 1 Video Tutorial 10:50
Lecture 44 Grammar Chapter 3 Video Tutorial 08:08
Lecture 45 Chapter 1 Answer Key Video 04:28
If you have done all the assigned exercises in Chapter 1, please watch this video and correct your work in red. This means you should make your answers on your paper match what you see in the key.

Lecture 46 Chapter 3 Answer Key Video 08:08
If you have done all the assigned exercises in Chapter 3, please watch this video and correct your work in red. This means you should make your answers on your paper match what you see in the key.

Lecture 47 Intro to Nouns 1 page
Lecture 48 NOUNS- What You Need to Know 04:51
Quiz 11 Nouns Quiz 4 questions
Lecture 49 Assignment: Color Coding Nouns 2 pages
Lecture 50 Check Your Coding of Nouns 04:22
Lecture 51 Instruction Sheet for the Written Grammar Assignment 1 page
Lecture 52 Written Grammar Assignment Sheet: NOUN PLURALS 1 page
Lecture 53 Grammar Chapter 2 Video Tutorial 09:31
Lecture 54 Chapter 2 Answer Key Video 09:38
Lecture 55 Listening Activity 2 02:55
Quiz 12 Listening TEST #2 17 questions
Lecture 56 Intro to Adjectives 1 page
Lecture 57 ADJECTIVES- What You Need to Know 04:56
Quiz 13 Adjectives Quiz 3 questions
Lecture 58 Assignment: Color Coding Adjectives 2 pages
Lecture 59 Check Your Coding of Adjectives 04:05
Lecture 60 TIME OUT! Motivational Moment: German Landscapes 02:33
Lecture 61 Intro to Pronouns 1 page
Lecture 62 You Don't Need to Memorize 00:21
Lecture 63 PRONOUNS- What You Need to Know 10:35
Quiz 14 Pronouns Quiz 3 questions
Lecture 64 Assignment: Color Coding Pronouns 2 pages
Lecture 65 Check Your Coding of Pronouns 04:53
Lecture 66 TIME OUT! LiveMocha Intro 1 page
Lecture 67 How to Register for LiveMocha 01:25
LiveMocha has replaced SharedTalk.If you hear or read anything in this course that mentions "SharedTalk", just replace it with "LiveMocha". Thanks :)

Lecture 68 Intro to Verbs 1 page
Lecture 69 CONJUGATING VERBS- What You Need to Know 07:23
Quiz 15 Verb Conjugation Quiz 4 questions
Lecture 70 PRESENT TENSE + seit- What You Need to Know 02:03
Quiz 16 Present tense + seit Quiz 3 questions
Lecture 71 HABEN & SEIN- What You Need to Know 01:05
Quiz 17 Haben & Sein Quiz 5 questions
Lecture 72 "MAGNIFICENT" MODALS- What You Need to Know 04:22
Quiz 18 Modals Quiz 8 questions
Lecture 73 zu + INFINITIVE- What You Need to Know 01:34
Quiz 19 zu + Infinitive Quiz 4 questions
Lecture 74 REFLEXIVES- What You Need to Know 05:09
Quiz 20 Reflexive Verbs Quiz 3 questions
Lecture 75 TIME OUT! CULTURE- Time for a Tune: Edelweiss 2 pages
Lecture 76 SEPARABLE PREFIX VERBS- What You Need to Know 01:20
Quiz 21 Separable Prefix Verbs Quiz 3 questions
Lecture 77 COMMANDS- What You Need to Know 03:57
Quiz 22 Commands Quiz 4 questions
Lecture 78 SIMPLE PAST TENSE- What You Need t Know 02:12
Quiz 23 Simple Past Tense Quiz 4 questions
Lecture 79 WORD ORDER- What You Need to Know 03:33
Quiz 24 Word Order Quiz 4 questions
Lecture 80 CONVERSATIONAL PAST TENSE- What You Need to Know 01:43
Quiz 25 Conversational Past Tense Quiz 3 questions
Lecture 81 Assignment: Color Coding All Verbs 2 pages
Lecture 82 Check Your Coding of Verbs 07:48
Lecture 83 CULTURE: Birthday Joke (with extra resources) 00:17
Lecture 84 Intro to Adverbs 1 page
Lecture 85 ADVERBS- What You Need to Know 03:25
Quiz 26 Adverbs Quiz 3 questions
Lecture 86 Assignment: Color Coding Adverbs 2 pages
Lecture 87 Check Your Coding of Adverbs 02:09
Lecture 88 Intro to Prepositions 1 page
Lecture 89 PREPOSITIONS- What You Need to Know 07:12
Quiz 27 Prepositions Quiz 4 questions
Lecture 90 Assignment: Color Coding Prepositions 2 pages
Lecture 91 Check Your Coding of Prepositions 03:29
Lecture 92 My Accusative Preposition Song 00:17
Lecture 93 My Two-way Preposition Song 00:16
Lecture 94 My Dative Preposition Song 00:27
Lecture 95 TIME OUT! CULTURE: German Culture on YouTube 1 page
Lecture 96 Intro to Conjunctions 1 page
Lecture 97 CONJUNCTIONS- What You Need to Know 02:53
Quiz 28 Conjunctions Quiz 4 questions
Lecture 98 Assignment: Color Coding Conjunctions 2 pages
Lecture 99 Check Your Coding of Conjunctions 03:44
Section 8: Writing
Lecture 100 First Writing Assignment: Create New Sentences 4 pages
Quiz 29 Writing Quiz 7 questions
Quiz 30 Listening TEST 3 17 questions
Section 9: Speaking
Quiz 31 Final Listening TEST 10 questions

Udemy : Speak German Fluently In Less than 4 Months!

Udemy : Speak German Fluently In Less than 4 Months!

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