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Udemy - Copywriting : Making them beg to buy from you

Автор: mitsumi » 7 августа 2015
Udemy - Copywriting : Making them beg to buy from you
Udemy - Copywriting : Making them beg to buy from you
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Guilt, in small doses, is a Powerful intersection between Fear and Hope. USE IT.

Here's How To Add Real Value To You Sales Material

I turned on the television last week to watch some commercials.

Yeah, I'm a weirdo.

I don't watch alone - I had my favorite uncle in the room, and as we watched TV, I kept quiet as the advertisements came on. The way ads are these days, it's hard to know when the programs stop and the commercials begin.

There are comedians, bright lights, punchlines, stories. Modern commercials are really hard to turn off. My uncle watched all the commercials, and laughed at all the appropriate places.

But he barely remembered any of the companies airing the commercials - or what they sold.

There are too many cutesy commercials that build enthusiasm and curiosity without driving home an offer or any kind of value. But if you want people to reach into their pocket on the spot, you need to be willing to gie a little steak with the sizzle. It'll convince prospects of your credibility and qualifications, and make them more eager to buy.

It also serves a little teaser. Obviously, you aren't going to give every piece of information you know in an advertisement or sales letter. If you can deliver value with an advertisement, imagine the deliver you can value in a product!

You'll also lower the natural "sales blinders" that your prosects wear every day. It's easy to tune an advertisement out, but it's much tougher to turn down free information - and there's nothing stopping you from weaving your sales pitch in the midst of that free information, using it to teach your prospect about the value of your product.So, who can take advantage of the principles of free information? Everyone!

Obviously, if you're selling informational products like a book or a set of videos, it's easier to give out information that acts as a lead-in to the main product.

But it's also easy to give information in other mediums. A free report, an email course, or case studies on how your product works are all useful gifts that deliver value while educating prospects on your product's value.

This is even easier in a service industry. If you're a lawyer, dentist, or plumber, there's no problem giving a little information on your trade and how you work - chances are pretty low that your prospect will read your information and decide to perform oral surgery themselves!

But you'll increase the prospect's confidence that you can do a great job.

How many people in your local market are selling warmed over "sales talk?" Can you stand out as a unique entity by giving people steak instead of sizzle? There's no easier way to get customers salivating for more.

Ps. Chances are, you found this article valuable just like the other +10.000 students I've showed this in webinars so BUY the course today, you'll be glad you did! (see you in the inside)

Pps. There is also a lot of stuff out there on the internet where you can find information about this topic, If you would like to spend the next 100 days figuring out be cons and the pro's, and let your competitors steal your clients don't blame me that you didn't took ACTION!
What are the requirements?

This course is specially made for people who want to make a good living from copywriting

What am I going to get from this course?

Over 13 lectures and 1.5 hours of content!
How to find the emotional hot buttons from your audience
How to puch the emotional hot buttons
How to write a story that people often cannot refuse
How to let other people write your copys and enjoy all the freedom of life
How to effortlessly manipulate others

What is the target audience?

If you've allready wrote copy that sold over 1.000.000 dollar
If you are very experienced in the world of copywriting

Udemy - Copywriting : Making them beg to buy from you

Udemy - Copywriting : Making them beg to buy from you

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