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Udemy - Learning Spanish with Ana.1

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Udemy - Learning Spanish with Ana.1
Udemy - Learning Spanish with Ana 1
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Essential course of Spanish for beginners. Learn to express your name, nationality, age...This is a Spanish course for beginners. The concepts we work with are essential if you want to study the second most spoken language in the world. This course includes 15 videos than can really help you and extra materials for each lesson. The course begins with some considerations, and after we work with Spanish in common uses.
What are the requirements?

Nothing special. Grammatical references are very simple

What am I going to get from this course?

Over 16 lectures and 58 mins of content!
Greetings in Spanish
Expressing your nationality
Saying your name
Saying your occupation
Making interrogative and negative sentences in Spanish
Verbs in present tense
Verbos ser y estar (to be)
Describing physical appearances
Describing feelings
Essential Spanish grammar in use

What is the target audience?

Everyone who wants to learn Spanish

Section 1: What are you going to learn in this course?
Lecture 1 Introduction Preview 00:53
My name's Ana, and I am going to be with you during this first Spanish course. I hope you enjoy. Welcome!

Lecture 2 Valuable information before starting 3 pages
First concepts
Section 2: Some grammatical considerations
Lecture 3 Personal subject pronouns 04:24
Do you know how to say I, you, he, she... in Spanish? Really easy!
Lecture 4 Gender and number in Spanish 03:18
Here you have a big difference between English and Spanish.
Lecture 5 Articles in Spanish 04:49
Here you'll learn articules in Spanish
Lecture 6 Adjectives in Spanish 03:19
In this class we talk about adjectives in Spanish. Really useful.
Lecture 7 Verbs in Spanish 06:04
Verbs in Spanish are very different but not difficult.
Section 3: Practical Spanish
Lecture 8 Greeting in Spanish 02:56
Do you want to learn how to say "hello" or "goodbye" in Spanish? Here you have all these interesting words.
Lecture 9 How to say your name in Spanish 03:19
Do you want to introduce yourself by saying your name or other's? Here you have the answer
Lecture 10 Verb to be: ser y estar 04:37
Two of the most important verbs in Spanish: ser and estar
Lecture 11 How to express your nationality and occupation 04:42
Talking about jobs and nationalities is very simple in Spanish. Pay attention to the pronunciation of the words.
Lecture 12 How to describe your feelings and physical appearance 03:46
Step by step, here you are some more interesting words. Practise verbs ser and estar
Lecture 13 How to say your age 03:30
In Spanish we use verb have (tener) to say how old we are.
Lecture 14 How to make questions and negative sentences in Spanish 05:44
In Spanish, we don´t have to worry about auxiliaries when we ask questions or say negative sentences.
Section 4: Vocabulary
Lecture 15 Numbers in Spanish 03:35
Come on! Let's study numbers in Spanish.
Section 5: Revise and check your level of Spanish
Lecture 16 What have we learnt? 00:40
Thanks for coming with be during this course.
Quiz 1 Revise some grammatical considerations 15 questions
Quiz 2 Revise practical Spanish 10 questions

Udemy - Learning Spanish with Ana.1

Udemy - Learning Spanish with Ana.1

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