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Speed Reading Quadruple Your Reading Speed in an Afternoon

Автор: Bo0mB0om » 2 марта 2016
Speed Reading Quadruple Your Reading Speed in an Afternoon
"Speed Reading: Quadruple Your Reading Speed in an Afternoon" by Bill McDowell
2014 | EPUB | 76 pages | ISBN: 1500981095 | English | 0.1 MB

It is an unfortunate truth that our society still has a very conservative view when it comes to learning and education. Most of us think that reading slowly and carefully will help a learner absorb information at a fast rate. However, recent studies show that this is not true. The human brain is capable of processing information at a very high speed. However, reading slowly and carefully does not maximize the high-speed capacity of the human brain. The important thing now is to learn how to increase your reading speed in order to match your brain capacity. Imagine all the information you can absorb if only you know how to read faster! This book will help you quadruple your reading speed in an afternoon through proven speed reading techniques. Many of us take reading for granted, but it is actually a skill that we use every day. If you really want to be a productive and efficient at work, you must unlearn your old reading ways in order to truly improve both your reading and comprehension skills. Also with Two complete Bonus chapters with information you can use right away and Now! Learning how to speed read in order to quadruple your reading skills is not as heard as it sounds. Mostly, it starts with developing the proper mindset that is needed in order to prepare the brain for such task. In order to truly improve your reading skills, you need to understand theories and proven techniques that can help you increase your speed. More importantly, you must unlearn old habits which prevent you from maximizing your potential as a reader. You also need to understand the importance of creating a proper reading environment that can help you be more comfortable as you read. You will be surprised by how much faster you will read simply by making a few adjustments. Also, reading faster is a lot about knowing how to find and maintain your focus as you read. Concentrating on a material may indeed sound easy but it is actually more difficult than you think. Dont worry, this book will help you! Many people dont get a chance to learn speed reading because they stop learning after reading textbooks. The truth is that this is just the first and most basic level of reading. Adults should not stop learning how to read until they could easily manage about 800 words a minute.
It is possible to quadruple your reading speed in just an afternoon! Speed reading is probably the most important skill that you should learn in your adult life. You can be more productive if you can spend more time working on goals rather trying to understand reading materials and instructions. Dont worry about understanding the material because it is possible to quadruple your reading speed in an afternoon without sacrificing comprehension. In this day and age, you need to learn how to absorb information as fast as you can. This book will help you speed read. Just try to understand and apply the simple tips in this book, and you will find yourself reading at a much faster rate!

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