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Superhero Armor-Plated Chest

Автор: Bo0mB0om » 30 мая 2016
Superhero Armor-Plated Chest
Markus A. Kassel, "Superhero "Armor-Plated" Chest: How to Use Push-Ups, Dips and Advanced Calisthenics to Add Inches to Your Pecs & Develop Explosive Upper Body Strength"
2016 | EPUB + MOBI | 110 pages | ISBN: 1533083916 | English | 3.93 MB

Cant Get that Stubborn Chest to Grow? No Matter How Much You Bench, Your Pecs Remain as Desperately Flat as an Ironing Board? What if There Was a Way for You to Quickly Build Size, Gain Strength and Fill Out Your Shirt?
Youre tired of following the same useless routine. Youre pushing yourself hard in the gym, spending hours on your pecs, but all youve got to show for your efforts are fatigue and nagging shoulder problems?
Superhero Armor-Plated Chest will show you why youre not making any progress. It will teach you how to rethink your entire training program to make your chest pop out and your confidence soar! And the best part about it? You wont even need a gym!
Stop Wasting Your Time, Make Every Rep Count!
The issue with most training programs is that theyre seldom isolating the chest. They either make use of 1) a limited range of motion, 2) inadequate weights or 3) ineffective exercises that end up working your deltoids and triceps rather than your pectorals.
The situation would almost be comical if it didnt put the health of your joints at risk! Because the routines prescribed in most gyms are the surest way not only to lousy gains but to injury as well.
Your Exact Step-by-Step to Achieving a Massive Chest
My name is Markus A. Kassel and Im a peak performance expert. My job is to identify the problems most people are facing, then go through extensive testing to find the quickest and most effective way to solve them.
As I did in Superhero Six-Pack, where I helped thousands of people claim a ripped and powerful midsection, I will reveal in these pages how Ive grown my chest into one of my biggest assets¦ and how you can too! I will leave nothing out and show you the exact step-by-step to harnessing the power of calisthenics and forcing your pecs out of their hiding!
Avoid the Common Pitfalls and Get Ahead of the Pack
Dont be the next poor soul to have his dreams of a big, manly chest get shattered. Learn from other peoples mistakes, so you dont have to lose years of YOUR life, locked inside a gym for nothing.
You need to read this book if you want to learn:
Why the bench press is NOT the great chest builder its touted to be;
The one mistake people are making and which accounts for most failures (hint: its a question of amplitude);
How to use calisthenics to develop a chest thats as wide as its thick, quickly and safely;
What it really takes to get rid of man boobs;
The hidden power of plyo push-ups.
And so much more!

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