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David Lieberman - Make Anyone Loyal

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[center]David Lieberman - Make Anyone Loyal
[b]"Make Anyone Loyal" by David Lieberman Ph.D. [/b]
2006 | EPUB + MOBI | 26 pages | ASIN: B0049P21U4 | English | 0.2 MB

What is it that makes someone stick by you, even in the darkest hour, while others run for the hills at the slightest hint that something has gone wrong?Research shows that an unwavering sense of loyalty can, in fact, be instilled in anyone by applying a basic psychological strategy. Whether it's a friend, employee, or spouse, you can make anyone more loyal to you, your company, or your cause, faster and more easily than you ever thought possible.

Of course you know the traditional, sound advice, such as using rewards, praising, showing gratitude and appreciation, and the like. These are practical and effective ideas, but with the following techniques you're going to be able to bring to an entirely new level your ability to create iron-clad loyalty very quickly. In this book, are the components, the building blocks of loyalty used to create an unshakable allegiance.
This book contains specific, carefully formulated psychological tactics that can be applied to any situation, with any person. These are not just ideas or theories or tricks that work only sometimes and only on some people. This book offers readers the opportunity to use the most important psychological tools governing human behavior, not just to level the playing field but to create an automatic advantage.
Readers get techniques that work, written in the casual, to-the-point, no-fluff, no-psychobabble style that has made David Lieberman's books so popular. They get the information first hand, because it's Dr. Lieberman's techniques that the FBI uses; and he's the one who personally trains the United States military; he's the one who teaches psychological tactics to leading state negotiators; he's the one who works with mental health professionals; and he's the one who works with leading business executives around the world.
There are plenty of business books that offer "laws" and "principles" and strategies and stories. Now here's one that gives specific solutions to real problems.
From small business to big business to the professionals in between, the benefits are crystal clear. Readers will have the security of knowing what's really going on at all times, the power to keep potentially devastating situations from ever unfolding, and when necessary, the ability to navigate the toughest circumstances quickly and smoothly.
Don't be in the dark a minute longer when find out who is out for you, and who is out to get you. Even better, turn your enemies into your most loyal allies.
[b]A Peak Inside:
* Learn the best psychological strategy to help keep any employee or customer from ever leaving you.
* Get anyone-friends, co-worker, client-to instantly see you as a person of honesty and integrity.
* Discover the five most powerful ways to get anyone to instantly like you and trust you.
* Arm yourself with the sure-fire technique to get anyone to stick by you in the most difficult times . . .even when you've messed up.
* Deposit a "loyalty credit" into a person's mind that you can use the next time he or she may be thinking of abandoning you.
* If you think that someone may be sabotaging your efforts, when she appears to be cooperating, use these advanced techniques to find out whose side anyone is on, and fast.
* Find out in less than five minutes who in your company is not loyaland is perhaps even meeting with the competition.
* You already know the damage caused by internal theft. What you need is the same casual interviewing techniques that the FBI uses to find out if an employee, client, or vendor is lying or stealing.




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