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Fiery Foods That I Love

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Fiery Foods That I Love

Paul Prudhomme, "Fiery Foods That I Love"
1995 | pages: 446 | ISBN: 0688121535 | EPUB | 2,8 mb

Put on your apron, sharpen your knives, and get fired up to go cooking! Paul Prudhomme, America's favorite chef, invites you to try some of the greatest flavors the world has to offer. You'll find them in unusual and exciting combinations in Chef Paul Prudhomme's .From dark and savory tamari to the crisp brightness of ginger, from peanuts to plantains, every bite explodes with Chef Paul's own particular magic."Food is my passion, and my mission in life is to make your dinner better. To be exciting, food has to have several levels of taste and carry you away with flavor and delight." And boy, does he succeed in tempting your every taste bud in each and every course. He cooks up great bean breads and fried stuffed bread pockets; soups that soar; fritters; sauces and relishes; superlative chicken, fish, and meat entrees; beans and rice with spice; vivacious vegetables; and, of course, Chef Paul leaves room for dessert, including some seasoned pie crusts, a first for him. Here is food that makes your day. Here's where the addition of a paste of ground pecans and coffee makes magic of sautéed chicken; where wonderful dark, rich black beans find their way into a loaf of bread; and plantains make sweet and tender a perfect pork roast, What about chiles? Chef Paul will be glad you asked. He feels so strongly about chiles that he has added a special"Notes from the Test Kitchen" to introduce you to some of the many varieties. Chile peppers add awesome underlying flavor, and Chef Paul promises to make ground chile peppers as permanent a part of the way you cook as salt and pepper.Chef Paul has traveled around the globe, brought back its flavors, and dreamed them into such mouthwatering, soul-satisfying recipes as Fire-Roasted Garlic Bread; Fennel and Split Pea Soup; Fried Eggplant coated in sesame seeds; Pepper Tomato Shrimp; Sweet Beef and Fresh Chiles; Smothered Potatoes, Cabbage, and Andouille; and much, much more. And he's even added his "Too Hot for Mrs. Podunk" recipes for those of you hungry for five-alarm flavor. Those in search of Chef Paul's favorites, just look for his trademark cap.With Chef Paul Prudhomme's , you'll cook meals that are so flavorful they'll lift your spirits. And you'll find yourself going back to them time and time again.

Fiery Foods That I LoveFiery Foods That I Love
Fiery Foods That I LoveFiery Foods That I Love

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