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Автор: Bo0mB0om » Сегодня, 17:32

Movavi Slideshow Creator 2.1.0 Multilingual Portable
Movavi Slideshow Creator 2.1.0 Multilingual Portable | 80 MB
Meet Movavi Slideshow Creator! Creating stunning video from your memories on your computer is as easy as 1-2-3 with this handy DVD slideshow maker for Windows. If you've always needed a cool and effective slideshow program, look no further - our app is just what you need. Import your media files into the application, enhance their quality, join them together with animated transitions, add appropriate music, titles and filters!

Автор: rollroy » Сегодня, 17:32
CSC Tedds 2014 v16.00 161209

CSC Tedds 2014 v16.00 161209

CSC Tedds 2014 v16.00 | 416 Mb
Tedds automates your daily structural calculations.
Tedds 2014 includes a new and fully integrated 2D frame analysis application along with many new and enhanced calculations to British Standards, Eurocodes and US, Canadian and Australian design codes. It is twice as fast as its predecessor and compatible with Microsoft Word 2013.

Автор: Bo0mB0om » Сегодня, 17:31

MiTeC Task Manager DeLuxe 2.0.1
MiTeC Task Manager DeLuxe 2.0.1 | 5.3 MB
Task Manager DeLuxe (TMX) is based on MiTeC System Information Component Suite and offers powerfull features available in standard Windows Task Manager in lightweight portable package with many more enhancements. It needs no installation and leaves no tracks in system so it can be easily used as portable application everywhere. There is also AutoRefresh feature providing automatic refreshning of current screen in defined interval. Session viewer contains automatic session journal which logs every session login, logout, lock and status change. It is useful especially on terminal servers to watch how users connect and disconnect to their desktops.

Автор: Bo0mB0om » Сегодня, 17:30

Artistry Photo Pro 2.0.9 Multilingual MacOSX

Artistry Photo Pro 2.0.9 Multilingual MacOSX | 16.57 MB
Photoshop meets Instagram meets Aperture! Uncover the hidden potential in your photos with this powerful photo editor. With 100+ effects built-in, over 90 adjustment types to adjust your photos from color manipulation to gamma and tone curve adjustments, our editing tools give users the ability to apply an effect or multiple effects to the entire photo.

Автор: Bo0mB0om » Сегодня, 17:26

Shortcuts 2.1.1
Shortcuts 2.1.1 | MacOSX | 3 MB

Shortcuts is a Mac OS X application to assign hot keys to contextual menu items. Version 2.0 also allows you to display a menu with items added by CM plug-ins. Since Apple removed contextual menu plug-ins support for 64 bit applications in Mac OS X 10.6, Shortcuts is currently the only known way to use contextual menu plug-ins in 64 bit applications. In first mode, it allows you to assign a hot key combination to chosen menu item so you can select some object (file in Finder or text) and hit keyboard combination to execute the task normally performed by choosing that menu item.

Автор: rollroy » Сегодня, 17:26
Carlson Civil Suite (2015) 161209

Carlson Civil Suite (2015) 161209

Carlson Civil Suite (2015) | 1.21 Gb
Carlson 2015 - software package for AutoCAD 2000-2015 and plaformah IntelliCAD to work on geodesy, geology, construction of digital terrain models, design master plans, GIS, mining. Carlson 2015 full version includes these programs: Survey, Civil Design, Hydrology, GIS, Construction, Takeoff, Field, Natural Regrade, Point Cluids, Basic Mining, GeoTech, Geology, Underground Mining, Surface Mining and SurvGNSS. These modules can work both together and separately.

Автор: Bo0mB0om » Сегодня, 17:23

Pixel Film Studios - TransFire Fire Burst Transitions for FCPX
Pixel Film Studios - TransFire: Fire Burst Transitions for FCPX | MacOSX | 75 MB

Need some explosive transitions for your next film? With TransFire from Pixel Film Studios you can quickly and easily add fire burst transitions to your next Final Cut Pro X project without sacrificing your camera, house or eyebrows. With 30 fire transtions to choose from, you can burn, blast and burst your way from clip to clip in the click of a button.

Автор: Bo0mB0om » Сегодня, 17:21

WiFi Password Remover 5.0 Final + portable
WiFi Password Remover 5.0 Final + portable | 16.5 Mb

WiFi Password Remover is the software to quickly recover and remove Wireless account passwords stored on your system. Once recovered, you can either remove single or all of them with just a click. Before proceeding with deletion, you can also take a backup of recovered Wi-Fi password list to HTML/XML/TEXT file. One of the unique feature of this tool is that it can recover all type of Wi-Fi passwords including the ones which are not shown by 'Windows Wireless Manager', thus allowing you to remove all the hidden wireless passwords/profiles also. WiFi Password Remover is fully portable and works on both 32-bit & 64-bit platforms starting from Windows Vista to Windows 10.

Автор: rollroy » Сегодня, 17:20
Zepheer 2 v2.3.2 Bilingual | MacOSX 161209

Zepheer 2 v2.3.2 Bilingual | MacOSX 161209

Zepheer 2 v2.3.2 Bilingual | MacOSX | 78.8 MB
Zepheer is designed to be a best friend of every photography enthusiasts on Mac OS. This small app delivers dozens built-in photo styles and allows to make your photos warm, charming, beautiful, impressing, to give them the soul - even when the photos were taken with a low-end camera and bad conditions. The application offers real-world styles, abstract filters, borders, vignettes and more - everything right up here, one click away from your Mac.
Key features:

Автор: Bo0mB0om » Сегодня, 17:20

FastCopy 3.26 Portable
FastCopy 3.26 Portable | 1.1 Mb
FastCopy provides a faster way to copy, move or delete large numbers of files. It automatically selects an optimized method depending on whether the Source and Destination directory are on the same or different hard drives, and performs read/write operations without using the O/S cache. In addition to simple copy and delete operations, the program also supports advanced methods that allow you to synchronize files based on their date and size. Other features include customizable buffer size, preview of file actions, adjustable speed control, command-line support, file verification and advanced file filtering. FastCopy supports Unicode and long file names. Standalone software, installation is optional.

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