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Mathematica is the tool of choice worldwide for all technical from simple calculations to large-scale computations, programming, or presentation. Throughout the industry, government and education, two million people - from students to Nobel prizes -. Use Mathematica to achieve more

Mathematica seamlessly integrates a numeric and symbolic computational engine, graphics system, programming language, documentation system and advanced connectivity to other applications. It is this range of capabilities - many in their own right leader in the world - that makes Mathematica uniquely able as 'one-stop'? . for you or your organization's technical work

Automation is the key for productive computing. Unlike other systems, Mathematica applies intelligent automation in all parts of the system, from the selection of the algorithm to map the design and user interface design. You get, reliable high quality output without technical knowledge and algorithm even if you are an expert, to get faster results.

Integrated All-in-One Platform
specialized software and add-on toolboxes discourage creative exploration of new ideas and areas-even greater than their purchase price cost. Mathematica does not require supplements. It has built-in specialized functionality for many technical areas, from computational biology to wavelet analysis, all tightly integrated with the rest of the system.

Hybrid Methodology-symbolic numerical
The symbolic and numerical computation is traditionally thought of separately, to the detriment of users. In Mathematica, which are fully integrated, allowing for unique hybrid methods many problems and ensure consistent results when combining precision quantities.

multi-paradigm language
No programming style is ideal for all problems. Mathematica stands out from traditional programming languages, while supporting many programming paradigms, including procedural, functional, rule-based, pattern-based, and more.

wardrobes Knowledge
search and update standard databases shouldn 't interrupt your workflow. Mathematica is unique among technical computing platforms, since it includes a vast collection of data carefully cured of all kinds, continually updated and expanded.

Document based on workflow
You should not need a program to process your data, visualize another, and a third for interactive her present form. Mathematica does everything in a single workflow, keeping all the elements of a draft calculations, visualizations, data, documentation, and even interactive applications together in flexible documents only way.

Mathematica is the tool of choice across the technical world for everything from simple calculations for large-scale computations, programming, or presentation. Throughout the industry, government and education, two million people - from students to Nobel prizes - use Mathematica to achieve more

What's new in Mathematica 10
• 700+ new functions, and that's just the beginning
• Mathematica celebrated its 25th anniversary in 2013, and is stronger than ever. Taking advantage of its basic principles of automation and unification, it is advancing at an increasing pace.
• Mathematica 10 introduces a number of new areas, such as machine learning, computational geometry, geographic computer and device connectivity and deepening the capabilities and coverage throughout the algorithmic world.
• Mathematica 10 is the first version based on the Wolfram Mathematica complete Language.


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