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Artlantis Studio. Multilingual (Mac OS X)

Автор: mitsumi » 8 августа 2015
Artlantis Studio. Multilingual (Mac OS X)
Artlantis Studio. Multilingual (Mac OS X) | 657.68 MB

The new, physically correct Artlantis 6 rendering engine, with its legendary simplicity, allows you to create visualizations of an incomparable beauty and quality. To create stunning images, Artlantis 6 now includes its own built-in physical engine, emphasizing physical rendering quality, precision, material accuracy, and energy consumption.

New in Version 6.0:

- An automatic save function allows you to save the document at regular intervals and choose the number of saved versions. In Preferences, you can set another interface language, the mode of OpenGL display.

- New Engines:
- The rendering parameters offer three new engines White Model, Fast Engine and Physical Engine.
- White Model: All materials dressed with Shaders or Textures are assigned to a unique diffuse white color. Lights preserve their color.
- Fast Engine: For very fast rendering treatment, even with a complex model.
- Physical Engine: For superior rendering quality with precision, material accuracy and energy exchanges. It principally concerns materials with a sampling calculation for reflection and glossy materials.
- White Balance:
- Allows you to adjust the dominant ambient color lighting. Can be set on automatic color mode or by selecting the reference surface recognized as white in the scene.
- Ambient Occlusion:
- Concerns interiors, revealing the hidden details of a scene covered in shaded zones.

- For better access to your Media, you can customize the default catalogs or your own catalogs with sub-levels.
- The Catalog can display recently used, or selected Media.
- After having selected a number of objects, the spread tool can be used to scatter them at random in the scene.
- When the Catalog is displayed in a stand alone window, and if a Media subcategory is selected, the names of the folders in this subcategory will be displayed.
- Subcategories can be managed in the list. Clicking on the plus orВ minas icon adds or removes a category or a subcategory.
- It is possible to manage the subcategories of subcategory.
- Enhancement access to the Online Media Store.
- Custom folders can be added to the Catalog, the latest Media used can be viewed and Media can be added to a selection. A new drop tool allows you to scatter a selection of Media at random in the scene.

- Editing the materials of an object will now affect all the same objects set and next to set in the scene. Of course an object already set can be make as independent to have its own materials. An object can be set again to its original materials.

- A new and simple process has been developed with more accurate calculations. Just position the X, Y and Z axes in the Preview and 2D View. You do not even need to set the focal length of the camera.

- Integrated in Artlantis, this allows you to create a cut out of a foreground and see through the model. Can also be used to cut out textures, billboards, etc.

- Artlantis is delivered with 8 IES preset profiles. A light can be associated with a corresponding manufacturers IES profile by downloading its IES file.

- Allows you to define an infinite virtual plan in the scene, which is very useful to align objects, lamps and textures with a laser line.

- In Preview, displaying quality: Render by Surfaces, Render by Blocks and Auto Switch Open GL.
- OpenGL display the fastest navigation mode. Very useful in animation.
- Block display fast navigation mode. When moving the camera, the model is displayed with both pixelized straight lines and filled surfaces.
- Surface display slower navigation mode but the most accurate. When moving the model, it is displayed with sharp lines.
- Auto switch OpenGL accelerates the display. When checked, it combines the display by Block or Surface and when moving, the camera it toggles to OpenGL. While displaying in OpenGL the realistic lights, cast shadows and transparency are ignored.

- For the purposes of consistency, the order of the inspectors has been reorganized.
- Viewpoint inspectors: the coordinates are stored in a separate dialog.
- Inspectors Viewpoints, Lights and Objects: a new Altitude reference allows to define a position in reference to a clicked geometry. By default, the value is 0.
- Shaders Inspector: Texture resizing with a dynamic cursor.
- A billboard texture is editable.
- In the lists, there is a new alphanumeric field so that you can search quickly for any material, object, light or viewpoint by name.
- A Vignetting post process lets you darken the edges of the image.
- A useful Matte Shadows Shader: combining with a background image, enables to render a material transparent and let this material to receive cast shadows.

- In Animation mode, toggles the display between the Timeline and the Catalog.

- The calculation can be stopped and resumed later. When rendering a pno for Panorama and vro for VR Object files are automatically generated no more need the create them with iVisit 3D Builder.

- Artlantis KeyServer is now a stand alone application. It can start as a Windows service and get automatically launched at the start of the server. Silent install is taken into account. From the KeyServer dialog the names and IP addresses of connected clients are listed it allows to disconnect them.

Artlantis Studio. Multilingual (Mac OS X)

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