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Wolfram Mathematica 10.2.0 Mac OS X

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Wolfram Mathematica 10.2.0 Mac OS X

Wolfram Mathematica 10.2.0 Mac OS X

Wolfram Mathematica 10.2.0 Mac OS X | 2.5 GB

Mathematica system known as the most powerful in the world of computing application. But it is much more - it is the only development platform
fully integrating computation into the workflow from start to finish, gently guiding you from initial ideas all the way to deployed individual and
industrial solutions.

The main functions of Mathematica:
Calculation. Mathematica is a powerful computational tool that uses systemwide technology to ensure reliability, ease of use and performance.
Mathematica provides broad coverage of mathematical calculations and finding solutions of equations for each region thanks to the world's
largest collection of algorithms, each of which works with the most common allowable numeric, character or graphic input.
Automatic selection of algorithms and the use of arbitrary-precision computation capabilities of Mathematica increase in linear algebra,
quadrature, local and global optimization, finding solutions to differential equations, and many other areas.
The program has special functions for different technical areas, from computational biology to wavelet analysis.
Imported data can be combined with data Wolfram | Alpha and then analyze them using advanced methods of construction of regression
models and the most regression, classification and processing of signals or statistical methods.
Mathematica allows you to visualize high quality features, data, graphs, images, or annotations.
Development. Creation of tools, applications, documents, and infrastructure components with the help of a smooth workflow system
Mathematica, a unique symbolic language and advanced code editing environment.
Flexible symbolic language that supports multiple programming paradigms, advanced debugging tools, automatic generation of interfaces and
not only simplifies all stages of development - from design to deployment.
With the automatic construction of interfaces, symbolic specification of control elements, generalized input elements and so forth. The system
Mathematica offers a highly automated and streamlined workflow development of complex user interfaces.
Deploy. Regardless of the form of the final product, whether interactive documents, presentations, or industrial application system, the program
can be deployed results in a wide range of formats on a network or locally.
Mathematica provides a variety of ways to deploy to transfer results- reports, presentations, web-sites, applications.
The universal approach to programming, ease of creating dynamic content, as well as free-form linguistic input, allowing to get acquainted with
new features without the need to pre-knowledge of syntax, the system handles projects of all sizes.

Whether for numerical computations with arbitrary precision, symbolic computation or visualization system Mathematica is a very powerful
computing tool using systemwide technology to ensure reliability, ease of use and performance. Computational power of Mathematica can be
used directly as an instrument to some infrastructure, or through a standalone application in which it is integrated.
Develop tools, applications, documents, and infrastructure components, using a smooth workflow system Mathematica, a unique symbolic
language, and progressive environment code editing, achieving rapid turnover in small projects and record time performance on large systems.
Regardless of the form of the final product, whether it is interactive documents, presentations, applications, or industrial systems, Mathematica
can deploy results in a wide range of formats, locally or over the network. Equipped with a variety of ways to connect to external systems and
work with them, the system Mathematica is designed to maximize your productivity.
Automation is the key to a productive computing. Unlike other systems, Mathematica uses intelligent automation in all its parts, the choice of
the algorithm to the location of plots and building user interfaces. As a result, you get high-quality results without the need for deep algorithmic
knowledge, and even if the expert use, the result will be obtained more quickly.
Integrated universal platform
Specialized software and additional toolbox hinder creative work with new ideas and directions it is worth even more than their nominal price.
Mathematica system does not require buying any additional packages. In it are included specialized functions of many technical areas, from
computational biology to wavelet analysis, tightly integrated with the rest of the system.
Hybrid symbolic-numerical methodology
Symbolic and numerical calculations are traditionally considered separate to the detriment of users. The system Mathematica they are closely
integrated, making it possible to build a unique hybrid methods for solving many problems and ensures consistent results with different
combinations of variables accuracies.
Multiparadigmality language
No programming style is not ideally suited for all tasks. Mathematica system differs from traditional programming languages ??simultaneous
support for multiple programming paradigms: procedural, functional, rule-based, or templates, and others.
Built-in information
Search operations on standard databases and updating should not disrupt your workflow. Mathematica system compares favorably to other
platforms for technical computing in that it includes an extensive collection of carefully calibrated data of different types, which are constantly
being updated and enhanced.
Based workflow documents
You should not be necessary to use one program for processing the data, the other for their visualization, and the third for their interactive
presenting. The system Mathematica provides all this for workflow, keeping all elements of the project, calculation, visualization, data,
documentation, and even interactive applications-together in a uniquely flexible instruments.

Changes Mathematica 10:
New mathematical structure
Enhanced support for geometric areas
Improvements for solutions of differential equations
Machine Learning
Semantic data
Many improvements base language
Support for geographic data and their processing
Space-hour calculations
Random Processes
Advanced Imaging
Improvements in image processing
Support for third-party devices
Support undo! (Finally ave., Author of the release)
And much more ...


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