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Plexim Plecs Standalone.3.7.3 (Mac/Lnx)

Автор: mitsumi » 22 октября 2015
Plexim Plecs Standalone.3.7.3 (Mac/Lnx)
Plexim Plecs Standalone 3.7.3 (Mac/Lnx) | 242 Mb (total)

PLECS® Standalone is an autonomous software package for time-domain simulation of power electronic systems. If you want to be independent from other simulation platforms, PLECS Standalone gives you the all-in-one solution for modeling complex electrical circuits and sophisticated controls in a single environment.

Thanks to its optimized engine, PLECS Standalone runs much faster than the PLECS Blockset. With the comprehensive block library, PLECS Standalone offers a cost-effective yet powerful solution for dynamic system simulation in general.
Dedicated solvers

PLECS Standalone comes with an own engine for solving the circuit equations. The user can choose between variable-step and fixed-step solvers. Variable time-step solvers are generally preferred for accurate and efficient simulations, because they adopt the step size during the simulation depending on model dynamics. PLECS Standalone provides optimized implicit and explicit variable-step solvers for stiff and non-stiff systems.
Sampled data systems

The simulation engine allows to model sampled data systems, i.e. discrete systems that change only at distinct times. You can model systems that are sampled periodically or at variable intervals, systems that contain blocks with different sample rates, and systems that mix continuous and discrete blocks.

Simulation models can be exchanged with users of the PLECS Blockset using import and export functions. All library components from PLECS Standalone are also available in the library of the PLECS Blockset. When importing a model created with the PLECS Blockset, the Simulink® part is ignored.

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Plexim Plecs Standalone.3.7.3 (Mac/Lnx)

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