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Impact Soundworks Shreddage Bass 2 KONTAKT DVDR-DISCOVER

Автор: xidau123 » 30 января 2016
Impact Soundworks Shreddage Bass 2 KONTAKT DVDR-DISCOVER

Impact Soundworks Shreddage Bass 2 KONTAKT DVDR-DISCOVER
DISCOVER | 29 JANUARY 2016 | 4.27GB

Shreddage Bass 2 Our finest virtual bass: a badass six-string, custom-made Muckelroy recorded through a legendary vacuum tube preamp! The superb realism, depth, and stunning tone of Shreddage Bass 2 is perfect for rock, metal, fusion, pop and much more.

.....::::: Shreddage Bass 2 - Key Features :::::.....
• Custom-made 6-string electric bass
• 11,000+ samples recorded w/ true TUBE DI
• Four and a half octave range starting at low G
• Fingered playing style, up to 32x samples per note
• Sustain, staccato, hammer-on & pull-off
• Harmonics, portamento slides, FX
• Powerful performance engine w/ FX + tweaking
• Hundreds of finger noise + pop samples

.....::::: CONCEPT :::::.....
At the foundation of any killer track is a killer bass groove. A bass doesn't just provide the meat and low-end of the track - it anchors and glues all other elements together, and even shine as a virtuosic solo instrument in the hands of an expert. Shreddage Bass 2 captures the full potential of the electric bass using a masterwork custom 6-string instrument recorded through legendary analog gear.

Unlike the original Shreddage Bass library, Shreddage Bass 2 uses a much more versatile fingered playing style performed by master bassist, composer, and session musician Tony Dickinson. Tony brought his massive experience and skill to recording the library from both the perspective of a performer and a producer; he also brought his custom-made, one-of-a-kind handmade Muckelroy bass!

Shreddage Bass 2 features over 11,000+ samples recorded through a Universal Audio Solo/610 analog tube preamp/DI box for maximum fatness, punch, and warmth. As with our virtual guitar instruments, each string was sampled in exhaustive detail across every fret, at multiple dynamics, and with up to 8x round robin variations per note. The instrument's massive 4.5 octave range starts at a sub-destroying low G up to a high C#, allowing you to play or sequence any bass part you can think of.

Everything we've learned from the Shreddage 2 series has been applied to Shreddage Bass 2 - our most realistic performance engine, extensive tweaking options, beautiful legatos, and meticulous editing. This is not just a badass bass for rock & metal music, but the premier virtual electric bass for any musical style!

.....::::: AUDIO DEMOS :::::.....
The demos below showcase Shreddage Bass 2 in a variety of styles. Since the bass was recorded clean (DI), some tracks use processing such as overdrive, EQ, and compression for a grittier tone. Please check out the walkthrough video to hear the bass totally 100% clean and unprocessed.

.....::::: INTERFACE :::::.....
Users of our virtual guitars will be immediately familiar with the UI of Shreddage Bass 2. It allows for total customization of all articulations (mapping by velocity, keyswitch, or MIDI CC), adjustment of the live performance engine, under-the-hood engine variables, and a custom FX rack with presets built in.

The performance engine in particular has been further improved and refined based on our years of experience, giving you the most realistic playback right out of the box. The fret/string selection behavior can be easily changed in great detail, and keyswitches can be used to select strings manually. The library is also compatible with MIDI pickups and MIDI-enabled guitars!

.....::::: REQUIREMENTS :::::.....
• Kontakt 5.3.1+ or Kontakt Player 5.3.1+
• 5GB Hard Drive Space
• 2GB Of RAM
• Intel Core i3 Processor (or higher)
• Download The Shreddage Bass 2 Product Manual.


Impact Soundworks Shreddage Bass 2 KONTAKT DVDR-DISCOVER

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