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Cockos REAPER 5.15 (x86x64) + Portable

Автор: Bo0mB0om » 16 мая 2016
Cockos REAPER 5.15 (x86x64) + Portable
Cockos REAPER 5.15 (x86/x64) + Portable | 42.4 MB

REAPER is a powerful but sensible Windows application that lets you record, arrange, edit, and render multi-track waveform audio. It provides an extensive set of features, but is a very small and lightweight application (the installer is less than 1 megabyte, and includes many effects and a sample project). REAPER supports ASIO, Kernel Streaming, WaveOut, and DirectSound for playback and recording. It reads WAV, OGG, and MP3 files, and records WAV files. You can arrange any number of items in any number of tracks and use audio processing plug-ins (DirectX and Jesusonic). REAPER also supports volume, pan controls and envelopes per track, multi-layer undo/redo, and user creatable color themes.

Basic features:
- Portable - supports running from USB keys or other removable media
- 64 bit audio engine
- Excellent low-latency performance
- Multiprocessor capable
- Direct multi-track recording to many formats including WAV/BWF/W64, AIFF, WavPack, FLAC, OGG, and MIDI.
- Extremely flexible routing
- Fast, tool-less editing
- Supports a wide range of hardware (nearly any audio interface, outboard hardware, many control surfaces)
- Support for VST, VSTi, DX, DXi effects
- ReaPlugs: high quality 64 bit effect suite
- Tightly coded - installer is just over 2MB
Editing features:
- Tool-less mouse interface -- spend less time clicking
- Drag and drop files to instantly import them into a project
- Support for mixing any combination of file type/samplerate/bit depth on each track
- Easily split, move, and resize items
- Each item has easily manipulated fades and volume
- Tab to transient support
- Configurable and editable automatic crossfading of overlapping items
- Per-item pitch shift and time stretch
- Arbitrary item grouping
- Markers and envelopes can be moved in logical sync with editing operations
- Ripple editing - moving/deletion of items can optionally affect later items
- Multiple tempos and time signatures per project
- Ability to define and edit project via regions
- Automation envelopes
Whats New :
v5.15 - February 9 2016
+ API: add CountSelectedTracks2, GetSelectedTrack2 (to include the master track)
+ API: add CreateTrackSend, RemoveTrackSend, GetTrackSendInfo_Value, SetTrackSendInfo_Value
+ API: add ExecProcess
+ API: add GetSetProjectNotes
+ API: add TrackFX_GetUserPresetFilename
+ API: enable GetSetMediaTrackInfo and related function support for P_ICON [p=1628164]
+ Automation: automatically use absolute mouse editing for stepped pitch, fx param enum and toggle envelopes
+ Automation: improve sample accurate automation, fix parameter modulation issues with sample accurate plug-ins
+ Automation: improved automation recording behavior for toggle/enum parameters
+ Automation: improved automation recording for bypass envelopes in latch/write modes
+ Automation: improved automation recording for mute envelopes in latch/write modes
+ Automation: support enum/toggle FX parameter envelopes
+ Automation: improve accuracy of VCA envelope combination
+ Control surfaces: support HUI/DM2000 MCP/TCP views via fader button
+ Control surfaces: support HUI/DM2000 flip mode via pan button
+ Control surfaces: support HUI/DM2000 pan knob press to reset pan
+ Control surfaces: use a global bank offset for all HUI interfaces
+ Elastique: updated to v3.1.4 (performance and memory use improvements)
+ FX: preference option to allow filtering all browser views, filter Waves AU on OS X by default
+ JSFX: add parameter "Other events (CC, etc) pass through" to midi_note_filter [t=171739]
+ JSFX: remove zipper noises when adjusting volume_pan_sample_accurate_auto manually
+ MIDI: fix label for unnamed 14-bit CCs in list editor [t=172381]
+ MIDI: fix switch from Grid to custom quantize settings in MIDI editor quantize window
+ MIDI: fix MIDI editor toolbar feedback for set grid preserving type actions
+ MIDI: fix timing of time selection consolidate project MIDI exports
+ MIDI: configurable CC reset values for all CCs, default expression to 127
+ MIDI: improve timing when extending left edge of unlooped MIDI items [t=143255]
+ Marker/region: fix auto-insertion of duplicate marker/region numbers
+ Media explorer: fix reset of last path in certain instances
+ Media explorer: sanity check timestamps to avoid localtime() errors
+ OSX: allow override of optimized drawing setting in Preferences/General/Advanced
+ OSX: improved OSX drawing performance/behavior on 10.5-10.9
+ OSX: fixed 64-bit listview exceptions
+ Pan: fix support for pan laws with newer pan modes on master track
+ Pan: optimized pan law calculations
+ Pan: properly show non-customized pan law for master track
+ Peaks: fix realtime peaks display error with short sources
+ Peaks: fixed instances where peaks building could be interrupted by editing
+ Peaks: support new extended-range peaks format for FP WAV/WavPack files
+ Projects: add option for default path for save/load new project
+ Projects: do not treat lone CR as line endings in project files [t=172252]
+ Projects: improve filename resolving when loading projects saved on a different platform
+ Render: do not adjust time selection when saving project along with normal renders
+ Render: store render tail length/configuration per-project, support render queue
+ Ripple editing: add right click menu to ripple toolbar button
+ Ripple editing: add option to allow ripple-all to affect tempo map
+ Search: support ( and ) for more power, e.g. '( Spectrum OR Scope ) NOT ( VST: OR AU: )'
+ Solo: do not enable hardware outputs when an unsoloed track sends to a solo-in-placed track [t=171900]
+ Solo: do not input monitor MIDI on tracks that are unsoloed-in-place
+ Solo: fix various possible glitches when using solo and routing
+ Solo: send noteoffs for track media when unsoloed-in-place ssueid=4515
+ Stretch markers: allow setting rate mouse modifier to "no action"
+ Tooltips: arrange-view tooltips can now cross track boundaries
+ Tooltips: show relative move amounts for item, envelope, and stretch marker edits
+ VST: fix VST3 factory preset compatibility with Waves
+ VST: improve automation behavior with VST3 plug-ins that do not properly support sample accurate automation
+ VST: fix excess automation notifications from some plug-ins [t=165093]
+ VST: fix preset combo box display issues on Windows
+ VST: improve enum/toggle parameter detection
+ VST: improve plug-in scanning compatibility broken in 5.0pre8
+ Video: fix docked fullscreen issue on OSX 10.11
+ WavPack: add 32-bit FP mode with -144, -120, or -96dB floor for better compression ratios

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