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FreeBasic 1.05.0 + Portable and Manual

Автор: Bo0mB0om » 17 мая 2016
FreeBasic 1.05.0 + Portable and Manual
FreeBasic 1.05.0 + Portable and Manual | 63.3 Mb

Open-source, free, multi-platform BASIC compiler, with the syntax the most compatible possible with MS-QuickBASIC (incl. the GFX statements), but that adds new features such as pointers, unsigned data types, inline-asm, a pre-processor and many others.

• A large number of variable types available
• Arrays
• BASIC Compatibility
• Built-in gfx library
• Clean Syntax
• Completely *FREE*
• Create OBJ's, LIB's, DLL's, and console or GUI EXE's
• Debugging support
• Enumerations (ENUM's)
• Escape characters inside literal strings
• Function overloading
• Inline Assembly
• Most of the known C libraries can be used directly, without wrappers
• Multi-platform
• Multi-threading
• Name spaces
• Optimized code generation
• Optional function arguments
• Pointers
• Preprocessor
• Typedefs
• Unicode support
• Unlimited number of symbols
• User-defined Types (UDT's)
• Variable initializers (including arrays and UDT's)
New in version 1.05.0:
• 0.90.0 regression: Self-op optimizations stopped handling some cases and should now work again, for example: optimizing A=A+1 => A+=1 where A is a Long, should give nice ASM code with -gen gas again
• When Dim'ing an Extern variable, the Byref attribute was not checked - neither required nor disallowed - now the Dim must match the Extern with regards to Byref too.
• Type(...) expressions couldn't be used at the begin of a statement (because the Type keyword was treated as begin of a Type declaration)
• FileAttr() was still broken for 64bit - the result value was truncated to 32bit
• 1.04.0 regression: Under -gen gcc -asm att, support for gcc-style inline asm was broken
• ld was warning about unsupported linker options on OS X
• BYREF fixed-length strings (e.g. BYREF myParameter AS ZSTRING * 10) now trigger a compiler error since they are unsupported
• #print typeof() output now differentiates between ZSTRING and ZSTRING * N (ZSTRING without size is produced by dereferencing a ZSTRING PTR, or BYREF AS ZSTRING)
• Context-specific keywords, e.g. graphics PUT modes, must now be given as keywords (e.g. PSET), string literals (e.g. "PSET") are no longer accepted.
• Wstring-to-Zstring conversions didn't use the system's Unicode codepage conversion function, and only converted ASCII characters. Now it will try to convert the Unicode chars to codepage chars.
• Compiler crash during error recovery when there was an error when parsing the argument expression for a BYREF AS ANY parameter
• 1.04.0 regression: Get# for WStrings was incorrectly changed to convert the loaded bytes to wstring characters, like Input# would do. Now it's changed back to just loading the raw bytes into the wstring, which is also how Get# works for other datatypes.
• 1.04.0 regression: Due to the Get# wstring breakage, the compiler failed to read source files encoded in UTF16LE with BOM on Windows, and UTF32LE with BOM on Linux.
• Eof() could incorrectly return TRUE too early on Windows, when reading a big text file with LF line endings, OPENed FOR INPUT (text mode)
• Line's styled/pattern drawing support was broken on non-x86 systems
OS: Windows All


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