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madVR 0.90.16 Portable

Автор: Bo0mB0om » 18 мая 2016
madVR 0.90.16 Portable
madVR 0.90.16 Portable | 10 MB

madVR is a GPU-assisted video renderer based on DirectShow that is capable of enhancing the video playback quality of various media players. With its advanced graphic image processing and scaling algorithms, it can transform regular frames into high-quality ones.

Reliable renderer for multiple players
Before using it, please make sure that your computer meets all the hardware requirements and that your player is on madVR's compatibility list. Deployment requires administrator rights.
madVR can be pointed as the video renderer of multiple players, including some of the most popular out there: Media Player Classic - Home Cinema (MPC-HC), KMPlayer, J. River Media Center, Zoom Player or PotPlayer. To begin with, set madVR as the main renderer in your player's configuration settings.
It's worth noting that the application can be set to find other network workstations that run madVR, allowing synchronized actions. To use this feature, the Windows firewall must be configured to allow it LAN access.
Upscaling and rendering tweaks
madVR comes with advanced deinterlacing and image enhancing capabilities, as well as banding artifacts removal options. It features image dithering, chroma upscaling to alter the color layer, and various image up and downscaling algorithms. Frame images can be fine-tuned by experimenting with other effects, such as sharpness, softness, anti-aliasing, and anti-ringing levels.
There are a few configuration options you can tamper with to change the rendering mode. The playback can be delayed until the render queue is filled, and Direct3D can be used on operating systems higher than Windows 7. Alternatively, video frames can be presented in advance in windowed mode.
A renderer that has a lot to offer to power users
madVR bypasses the default algorithms of your computer's graphics card in the attempt to obtain images of the highest quality possible. In other words, its primary goal is playback quality. However, there are a few settings you can change to enhance performance, with low-quality losses.
The plethora of configuration options madVR comes with and their complexity only suggest that this application is not geared towards beginners, especially since terms and options are not explained, and no documentation is available. Nevertheless, advanced users are sure to enjoy enhancing the capabilities of their video players using this powerful renderer.
• high bitdepth processing (32bit per component)
• high quality algorithms for scaling, sharpening, debanding, dithering etc.
• smooth motion playback without 3:2 pulldown judder even at 60Hz
• frame packed 3D playback via HDMI 1.4+ (Windows 8.1 or newer
• forced film mode turns 60i movies into perfect 24p
• very reliable playback using automatic fullscreen exclusive mode
• many more...
Whats New :
* added adjustable anti-bloating filter for sharpening
* added adjustable anti-bloating filter for SSIM downscaling
* added adjustable anti-bloating filter for SuperRes
* added anti-ringing filter for SuperRes
* added Hyllian's super-xbr anti-ringing (for image doubling)
* reworked super-xbr chroma upscaling anti-ringing algorithms
* improved sharpen anti-ringing filter
* sharpen anti-ringing filter now also includes AdaptiveSharpen
* changed SSIM anti-ringing method
* added "relaxed" vs "strict (soft)" option for downscale anti-ringing
* "crispen edges" now tries to avoid amplifying grain & noise
* reduced some "crispen edges" aliasing problems
* added separate image doubling supersampling option
* added trade quality option "scale chroma separately if it saves performance"
* increased AdaptiveSharpen max value from 1.5 to 3.0
* increased "thin edges" max value from 4.0 to 8.0
* previously optional DX11 "alternative glitch handling mode" is now always on
* multiple profile groups can now share the same keyboard shortcut
* double clicking tray icon now opens "best" settings instead of always local
* fixed: Jinc/SSIM 2D downscaling was sometimes activated when not needed
* fixed: 4-taps Spline was broken
* fixed: some problems with 3D side-by-side and line/column alternative
* fixed: 10bit content could make DXVA scaling fail
* fixed: bitmap subtitles were not always moved up when cropping black bars
* fixed: when downscaling, some chroma algos were used although they shouldn't
* fixed: sometimes media player froze during DVD playback
* fixed: source black/white adjustments + gamma processing: wrong order
* fixed: rare shutdown crash when using native DXVA decoding
* fixed: OSD bug when playing BT.709 HDR content

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