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Inno Setup XDELTA Patch Maker Multilingual Portable

Автор: Bo0mB0om » 18 мая 2016
Inno Setup XDELTA Patch Maker Multilingual Portable
Inno Setup XDELTA Patch Maker Multilingual Portable | 11.5 Mb

Inno Setup XDELTA Patch Maker is a simple to use utility that allows you to create update patches for various types of applications. It allows you to create patches for small updates such as minor tweaks or bug fixes, all the way to important changes. Moreover, the tool is intuitive and user-friendly.

Generate update by comparing the versions
Inno Setup XDELTA Patch Maker is designed to automate the process of generating update patches by analyzing the changes you brought to the program. It requires that you indicate the development folder for the previous version, as well as the path for the new version files, to perform the comparison.
The tool allows you to set the XDELTA compression level you wish to apply and specify whether you wish to build your patch as a launcher. Moreover, aside from the paths to the original and modified files, you need to also specify the location for the key file or required external documents.
Quick patch customization
Inno Setup XDELTA Patch Maker allows you to set the name of the patch, author or copyright owner, as well as contact details. Moreover, you can manually enter the name, the version of the patch and set the font style for the release filename.
Furthermore, the tool allows you to specify certain layout details such as the language of the patch, default unpacking options, application title and icon. Should these fields remain empty, the program can assign the default settings.
Set patch path detection mode
Inno Setup XDELTA Patch Maker allows you to select the desired option for the patch path detection. You may alternatively specify the name of a custom parameter, a preferred path, mention a registry key, an INI file or an XML document. Otherwise, you can set a forced path, save the changes log or export the project so you may run it at a later time.
This is a FREE Patch Maker for your apps, games or some another products with usingruntimes and techniques based on powerful XDELTA engine.
New in version (November 30, 2015
• Added key-file auto-choosing option, with this option the program will be decide by itself which file will be used as a key-file.
• Added additional check for used patch-data extension.
• Added Help file button to the Menu.
• Added "New Log" option to the Patch Maker build log information.
• Added "Simply Log" option to the Patch Maker build log information.
• Added all supported internal compression methods to the Patch.
• Added support for override default patch engine parameters.
• Added "Download file" feature to the "Patch Options" which allow to download and install custom file from the ftp/http/http://https.
• Added FreeArc compression support for External files with overriding options feature.
• Added patch multi-version feature support.
• Added option "Enable fast speed patch-data applying" to the "Patch-Data Generator" which allow to set speed (fast or normal) optionally for patch-data applying in the Patch.
• Added additional information box to the Patch.
• Added additional files comparing and verification method CRC32, which is faster up to 30% checksum calculation instead of MD5.
• Improved and optimized Patch Maker code.
• Improved copying of the external files in Patch Maker and Patch, now it used winapi CopyFileEx function instead of xcopy.exe.
• Improved Log in Patch Maker and Patch.
• Improved application detecting in Patch.
• Improved batch scripts and external files extracting if they are located inside a patch: the batch-files will be extracted while patch startup as default, but external files will be extracted to the temporary dir only if they are needed after success patching process (for exluding the delay while startup). If the External files is not included inside a Patch than it will be executed from the external files directory.
• Fixed bug with detecting running application on 64-bit systems - now it used another method.
• Fixed bug with remembering of the key-file if "Use build cache" option is enabled.
• Fixed bug with extraction delay of the batch-files on a big updates with patch-data is located inside a patch.
• Finally rollback XDELTA engine to version 3.0.8, because this version is a stablest and faultless.
• Updated VclStylesinno.dll to version
• Updated Patch language to v1.0.
• Patch Maker and Patch GUI tweaks.
• Minor updates, fixed some issues.
Languages: English, German, Portuguese, Russian, Dutch
OS: Windows All


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