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Scribus 1.4.6 Final 1.5.1 Dev (x86x64) + Portable

Автор: Bo0mB0om » 18 мая 2016
Scribus 1.4.6 Final  1.5.1 Dev (x86x64) + Portable
Scribus 1.4.6 Final / 1.5.1 Dev (x86/x64) + Portable | 268/298 Mb

Scribus - full-featured, free and open-source page layout program for creating, designing and exporting DTP projects to PDF and PostScript. Geared toward professional users, Scribus is a comprehensive application designed for desktop publishing, filled with many approachable features.

Create docs from scratch or templates
Wrapped up in a pro-grade interface with a neatly organized structure, the tool invites you to create a new document from scratch by establishing the doc layout (single or double page, three or four fold), size, orientation, width, height, first page, margin guides, bleeds, number of pages, default measurement unit, and text frames.
Alternatively, you can preview and opt for one of the numerous templates made for brochures, regular and business cards, grids, newsletters, packaging, and PDF presentations.
Extensive file type support
Text, images and vectors can be imported from external files, while the project can be exported to text, PDF, EPS, image or SVG format.
Documents can be saved with extensions compatible with Scribus (.sla, .scd), OpenDocument Draw (.odg), OpenOffice Draw (.sxd), Scalable Vector Graphics (.svg, .svgz), Encapsulated PostScript (.eps), PostScript (.ps), Windows Meta File (.wmf) and Adobe Illustrator (.ai).
Add and manipulate objects
The tool lets you insert text, image and render frames, tables, shapes, polygons, lines and Bezier curves, in addition to glyphs, characters, quotes, space, breaks, ligature and barcodes.
Plus, you can draw freehand, as well as rotate items, zoom, snap to grid or guides, lock multiple items to easily arrange them in the design using the key arrows for accuracy, mark PDF annotations or bookmarks, and bring items to the front or send them to the back. Advanced users are free to edit object attributes to define types, values, parameters, and relationships.
Make project adjustments and resort to handy tools
Scribus also lets you replace colors, load patterns from external files, import styles, define and edit master pages, input javascript code, hyphenate or dehyphenate text, generate a table of contents and indexes, or execute built-in Scribus and external Python scripts.
It offers multilingual support, contains multiple GUI themes, and lets you tinker with various PDF export settings (e.g. page range, password protection) and typography preferences (e.g. subscript displacement and scaling, small caps scaling, automatic line spacing), reconfigure hotkeys, select the PostScript interpreter, manage plugins, configure system-wide short words, and many more.
Evaluation and conclusion
The tool worked smoothly throughout our evaluation, without hanging, crashing or displaying error messages. CPU and RAM consumption was minimal.
Taking into account its rich options and customization preferences, Scribus should meet the requirements of many users looking for a reliable app to help them create, design and export DTP projects to different formats.
New in version 1.4.6 (January 03, 2016)
0013355: [Typography] Text effects only retained on first line when you reopen a document. (jghali) - resolved.
0013214: [General] Crash when reopening field properties dialog (jghali) - closed.
0013154: [OS-Win32] Error message during the startup of scribus (jghali) - closed.
0013180: [PDF] Encoding error in PDF with Symbol font (jghali) - closed. - 0013183: ser Interface Crash when attempting to set keyboard shortcut to menu separator in keyboard shortcut prefs (cbradney) - closed.
0013327: [PDF] Closing PDF "Field Properties" dialog after changing some values leads to crash (jghali) - closed.
0013326: [Translation] Italian translation update for 1.4.6.svn (jghali) - closed.
0013193: [PDF] Doesn't save a javascript script. (jghali) - closed. - 0013319: [PDF] [patch] valgrind error "Conditional jump or move depends on uninitialised value" in ScImgDataLoader_PS (jghali) - closed.
0013184: ser Interface "View rulers" setting not retained across session (jghali) - closed.
0013219: [General] Backport 0012193 (Style Manager styles sorting) to 1.4.6.svn (cbradney) - closed.
0013295: [Translation] Minor Italian translation improvement for 1.5.1.svn + backport to 1.4.6.svn (FirasH) - closed.
0013270: [General] "Defaults" button duplicates Printing Destination in Preferences (cbradney) - closed.
0013067: ser Interface Better tooltip for fill rules (jghali) - closed.
0013153: [Translation] Italian translation updates for 1.4.6.svn and 1.5.1.svn (FirasH) - closed.
0013098: [Translation] Italian translation update for 1.4.6.svn (FirasH) - closed. - 0013065: [PDF] Transparency of layers is lost for object placed in template when exporting in PDF (jghali) - closed.
0013042: ser Interface Display DPI maximum too small for hi res screens (cbradney) - closed.
0013035: uild System Build system does not respect DATAROOTDIR (cbradney) closed.
0013014: [PDF] PDF export creates XObject for every group on every page (jghali) - closed.
0012986: [General] Multiple duplicate - Cannot enter more than 14 times manually, nor more than 99 times with the incrementor (cbradney) - closed.
0012997: [Story Editor / Text Frames] [PATCH] Kerning between non-CJK and CJK letters does not appear until the text frame containing them is modified. (jghali) - closed.
0012309: ndo/Redo "Arrange Pages" changes to pages arrangement might lead to wrong behavior of Undo/Redo (cbradney) - closed. - 0010870: [Story Editor / Text Frames] when deleting a linked text frame the content is not refreshed (jghali) - closed.
0012459: ndo/Redo Undo/Redo does not restore the correct position using Flip Horizontal/Vertical (cbradney) - closed.
0012893: sability Incorrectly calculates the characters and words (jghali) - closed.
0012904: [-] opening 'About' throws "please add the untranslated title "Haiku Port:" to about::trAuthorTitle()" (cbradney) - closed.
New in version 1.5.1 Dev (February 15, 2016)
0008697: mport / Export Suggested Improvement of RTF Import with UNRTF (fschmid) resolved.
0013390: [Styles] change of character style propagates to rendered page one "apply"click too late (jghali) resolved.
0013393: [General] Edit > Duplicate changes relative levels of selected items (jghali) resolved.
0001474: mport / Export rtf import (fschmid) closed.
0013405: mport / Export Crash during RTF import (fschmid) closed.
0013351: [Scripter] remove the "ext" parameter from the scripter arguments (cbradney) closed.
0013392: [General] Precisense of LC_ALL, LANG and LC_MESSAGES does not comply to POSIX (cbradney) closed.
0013386: [General] scribus does not honor "LC_ALL=C" nor "LANG=C" (cbradney) closed.
0013174: ser Interface [PATCH] add a tooltip for "Group clips Contents" (cbradney) closed.
0013379: ser Interface Fix non updated strings in Properties > Colors after language change (FirasH) closed.
0011013: [PDF] When exporting to PDF the default should be to embed the fonts (jghali) closed.
0012920: [PDF] Scribus should ensure fonts are either embeded or outlined (jghali) closed.
0013173: [PDF] Crash with fonts embed/subset config in PDF Export Dialog (jghali) closed.
0013233: mport / Export PDF Import: Wrong colors after Text import (fschmid) closed.
0013311: ntegration [PATCH] support for command line arguments to be passed on to python script (py option) (cbradney) closed.
0012821: [Language Tools] Hints in hyphen dialog (cbradney) closed.
0013203: [Translation] Dummy Placeholder texts in translation files (cbradney) closed.
0013376: [Scripter] [Patch] Python error cleared too early (cbradney) closed.
0013378: ser Interface Fix non updated strings in "gradienteditor" after language change (FirasH) closed.
0013380: [OSMacOSX] [Regression] CLI flag l doesn't work (cbradney) closed.
0013374: ser Interface Fix non updated strings in Properties > Text after language change (FirasH) closed.
0013375: ser Interface Fix non updated strings in Properties > Image after language change (FirasH) closed.
0013371: ser Interface Part 6: fix inconsistent tooltips (FirasH) closed.
0012937: [Download Manager] Add popup dialogs for licences to the resource manager (cbradney) closed.
0013217: [PDF] large group incorrectly clipped on PDF output (jghali) closed.
0013367: ndo/Redo Changing document unit records useless Undo actions (jghali) closed.
0013249: uild System [PATCH] fix a couple of warnings when running lupdate (jghali) closed.
0013361: ser Interface Keep "Edit" and "Insert" menu consistent in Toolbar and Story Editor (FirasH) closed.
0013356: [General] It is not possible to name a Symbol like a Symbol previously deleted (fschmid) closed.
0013179: [General] GNOME: Please provide a bigger icon for Scribus (for HiDPI screen) (cbradney) closed.
0013228: [OSMacOSX] correctly set the default path to gimp (cbradney) closed.
0013291: ser Interface Add Edit/Remove in rightclick menu of Symbols palette (fschmid) closed.
0013290: [General] Actions applied to "Empty Symbols" are very likely cause of crash (fschmid) closed.
0013299: ser Interface Fix currentIndex of Hyphenator tabs in Preferences dialog (FirasH) closed.
0013332: [Canvas] Flipped items drag preview is not flipped (fschmid) closed.
0013334: [PDF] Unify PDF/X Headline (jghali) closed.
0010717: mport / Export misplacement of elements on PS import (fschmid) closed.
0013347: ndo/Redo Undo/Redo of "Get Image" leads to empty Image Frame (jghali) closed.
0013342: ser Interface Inconsistent naming of Measurements dialog (cbradney) closed.
0013224: uild System Build fails when librevenge not installed and libcdr, libvisio or libmspub installed (cbradney) closed.
0013210: [Language Tools] [Patch] Add hyphenation for Welsh (cbradney) closed.
0011351: ser Interface Icons for some actions are harder to use in 1.5.0svn (cbradney) closed.
0013189: [PDF] 1.5.1svn does not export vector objects to PDF 1.3 and crashes for other PDF versions (jghali) closed.
0013077: [PDF] Crash when exporting to pdf with embedded fonts (avox) closed.
0013320: ser Interface Wrong tooltips in File > Preferences > "Margins & Bleeds" (jghali) closed.
0013344: ser Interface Fix some tabstops in Preferences/Document Setup dialog (FirasH) closed.
0013343: sability pressing TAB jumps around in color edit window (jghali) closed.
0013328: [Translation] 1.5.1.svn Italian translation update (jghali) closed.
0013321: ser Interface Add tooltip for chain icon in File > New (FirasH) closed.
0013197: sability in file > new, "chaining" should make all values equal (jghali) closed.
0013317: [PDF] [patch] Scribus 1.5.1 aborts with an assertion failure on CFF fonts when exporting to PDF (jghali) closed.
0013303: mport / Export If missing the /usr/lib/scribustrunk/plugins > Scribus start == crash (fschmid) closed.
0013318: [PDF] [patch] Scribus 1.5.1 gets valgrind error "Mismatched free() / delete / delete []" (jghali) closed.
0013315: [Translation] Updated Danish Translation (jghali) closed.
0012416: ser Interface List all Corel file types supported by libcdr and UniConvertor in the file selectors (cbradney) closed.
0013307: [General] Part 5: fix inconsistent tooltips (cbradney) closed.
0013266: ser Interface Image frame scaling options don't disable/enable based on selection (cbradney) closed.
0013292: [Translation] Can't set language (cbradney) closed.
0013304: uild System build error after 82% (cbradney) closed.
0013301: ser Interface [Patch] Better HiRes Support on OSX (cbradney) closed.
0013302: ser Interface Wrong placement of Navigator in PDF Filed Properties dialog (fschmid) closed.
0013305: [Translation] 1.5.1.svn Italian translation update (FirasH) closed.
0013296: [Translation] Translation to Arabic (jghali) closed.
0013200: [Canvas] New theme > master page name does not appear (cbradney) closed.
0013093: [PDF] Crash signal 6 when exporting as PDF (jghali) closed.
0013288: ser Interface Fix "Preferences > User Interface > Main Window" Horizontal Line+Vertical Spacer (FirasH) closed.
0013230: ser Interface Language of the UI is back to system default after a restart (cbradney) closed.
0013287: [General] Fix some spacing in Scribus code (Spacing/Tabs) (FirasH) closed.
0013285: ser Interface Remove useless colon in Preferences dialog (FirasH) closed.
0013282: [General] "Edit Arc" dialog can only be used with pt as unit (jghali) closed.
0013275: ser Interface Fix inconsistent layout between Table and Cell Style UI (FirasH) closed.
0013273: ser Interface Keep "Use Document Bleeds" checkbox position consistent between Print and PDF export dialog (FirasH) closed.
0013272: ndo/Redo Closing "Nodes" dialog crashes Scribus if Undo/Redo and "Rounded Corners" are used while in modeEditClip (jghali) closed.
0013268: [General] "Defaults" button duplicates Printing Destination in Preferences (cbradney) closed.
0013269: [General] "Defaults" button duplicates Guides Placement settings in specific condition (cbradney) closed.
0013236: uild System Please Add .travis.yml file (cbradney) closed.
0013240: mport / Export export to pdf crashes with signal 6 (jghali) closed.
0013227: [Language Tools] Nonswitching translations: icon bar (cbradney) closed.
0013263: ser Interface Substitute "Link" checkbox with chain link button in Preferences (FirasH) closed.
0013194: ser Interface Replace Qt5Webkit with Qt5WebEngineWidgets (cbradney) closed.
0013165: mport / Export SVG Strokedasharray zero problem (fschmid) closed.
0013085: [PDF] 1.5.1. text following path not exported correctly (fschmid) closed.
0013257: [General] Part 4: fix inconsistent tooltips (cbradney) closed.
0013176: [General] Open document Icon dropdown button does not work (won't open previously opened doc) (cbradney) closed.
0013261: uild System Failure to load scribus in 20280 (cbradney) closed.
0013260: ser Interface Enlarge Polygon QSliders to use available space and improve its precision (FirasH) closed.
0013172: [PDF] Improve PDF Export dialog prepress tab UI (jghali) closed.
0007351: [PDF] PDF export: : fonts cannot be outlined anymore (avox) closed.
0008945: mport / Export Confusing option name (avox) closed.
0013243: [Story Editor / Text Frames] [Patch] Attach text to path action is not enabled correctly (jghali) closed.
0013256: [General] Part 3: fix inconsistent tooltips (cbradney) closed.
0013254: [General] Part 2: fix inconsistent tooltips (cbradney) closed.
0013251: [General] Part 1: fix inconsistent tooltips (cbradney) closed.
0013190: nternal CLI la needs formatting (cbradney) closed.
0013253: [General] Paragraph Effects cause crash changing "Char Syle" back to "No Style" (jghali) closed.
0013239: [Translation] Typo: Raize should be Raise (cbradney) closed.
0013241: [PDF] [patch] Scribus 1.5.1 writes invalid PDF hex strings (jghali) closed.
0013250: [Translation] 1.5.1.svn Italian translation update (jghali) closed.
0012508: [PDF] Grouped Items might be wrongly exported/cropped to PDF (jghali) closed.
0013134: [Graphics / Image Frames] 1.5 issue after scaled multiple polygons after duplication or copy / pasted skews proportion (fschmid) closed.
0012687: [Qt5 Port] Inserting a barcode does not work when build against Qt5.3.1 & Qt5.4 (cbradney) closed.
0013238: uild System Warnings generated in recent build (jghali) closed.
0013231: [Translation] Action History window name not translated (jghali) closed.
0011988: ser Interface [Patch] Preselected glyphs hint bubble should also display the unicode name of the glyph and the name of the font (cbradney) closed.
0013220: [Translation] Uniformity of UI and translations (cbradney) closed.
0013232: [General] Fix some menu entries not updated after language change (cbradney) closed.
0013221: [Graphics / Image Frames] EPS image with clipping path Clipping path is not working correctly. (fschmid) closed.
0012192: ser Interface Hungarian language environment > text fields is too small. closed.
0013095: ser Interface [Patch] CLI help needs formatting (cbradney) closed.
0013188: [OSMacOSX] Changing Localization isn't supported on CLI (cbradney) closed.
0013109: [Shape Drawing] Pressing 'Esc' in [Polygon Properties|Arc] crashes scribus (cbradney) closed.
0013177: [Canvas] Changing Polygon Properties doesn't update canvas correctly (jghali) closed.
0013133: [General] "Has Drop Shadow" checkbox does not apply shadow when checked, but when unchecked (jghali) closed.
0013164: [General] Remove some useless code related to exit special mode from toolbar (FirasH) closed.
0013159: [General] New HLC colorpicker causes crash opening File > Preferences... (fschmid) closed.
0013160: uild System Build r20189 fails "AdapterWidget.cpp:72:28: error: no viable conversion from 'QIcon' to 'const QCursor'" (cbradney) closed.
0013157: uild System Build r20188 fails: fatal error: 'util_icon.h' file not found (cbradney) closed.
0013147: mport / Export TTF font subsetting is not reliable using accented characters (avox) closed.
0013139: ndo/Redo Using Drop Shadow continues to record actions in Action History just by scrolling (jghali) closed.
0013130: uild System cmykfwbase.ui: Warning: Zorder assignment: 'verticalSpacer_2' is not a valid widget. (jghali) closed.
0013106: [Typography] Linux Libertine G font family + Insert Thin Space == Crash (jghali) closed.
0013101: sability Crash after opening document with preview mode ON (jghali) closed.
0013102: [Qt5 Port] Missing in of in scribus/sclayer.cpp (jghali) closed.
0013079: uild System Builld r20125 fails on OSX 10.9.5 using Homebrew (cbradney) closed.
0013081: [PDF] Scribus crashes during PDF export with 3D annotation (fschmid) closed.
0012820: [Story Editor / Text Frames] Crash when deleting inline frame (fschmid) closed.
0013078: ser Interface Font preview looks not like it should (jghali) closed.
0012448: [Canvas] Resizing of a Group + Item is not correct (fschmid) closed.
0004194: [Story Editor / Text Frames] Opacity of the text shadow (fschmid) closed.
0012290: [Graphics / Image Frames] Drop shadow for images with transparent areas (fschmid) closed.
0013070: [General] Compiling error on Linux (fschmid) closed.
0004564: mport / Export PDF Export: Subsetting of OTF fonts (TTF variant) as true TTF subsets in PDF version
• 512 MB RAM or more is strongly recommended - the more, the better.
• Pentium III or better - 750 MHz or better.
• GHOSTSCRIPT 8.7 OR LATER (in archive)
OS: Windows Vista / 7 / 8 / 10 (32/64-bit) and 2K / XP


(Buy premium account for maximum speed and resumming ability)

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