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Araxis Merge Pro Full Edition 2016.4774 (Mac OSX)

Автор: voska89 » 1 июля 2016

Broad appeal
The choice of software, web design, legal and publishing professionals. Compare source files, web pages and contract drafts.

Text comparison and merging
Spot changes between source, HTML, XML or other text file revisions. Accept, merge, edit or delete them.

Compare text from common office files
Directly compare text from Microsoft Word and Excel, OpenDocument (ODF), PDF and RTF files.

Image and binary comparison
Pixel comparison for images. Byte-level comparison for binary files.

3-way comparison and automatic merging Pro
Swiftly reconcile even the largest sets of revision-managed files. Perfect for team development.

Folder comparison and sync
Conveniently compare and interactively merge entire folder trees.

Direct access to SCM (version control) systems
Direct repository access for select systems. Integration with dozens of others.

Portable reports
Generate HTML, XML and UNIX diff reports to share with your colleagues.

Printing and automation
Print a hard copy of comparisons. Write scripts to automate Merge.

What's new in version 2016.4774

* Merge no longer interpolates pixels when zooming-in on images in an image comparison. This makes it possible to see precise, individual pixel changes when zoomed-in.
* It is possible to zoom-out of images in an image comparison, as well as zoom-in.
* Folder, text, and binary comparison Previous Change and Next Change toolbar buttons are enabled and disabled as appropriate, depending on whether there are next or previous changes.
* Text comparisons display line-wrapping indicators at the end of wrapped lines.
* A Show whitespace characters item has been added to the Preferences toolbar menu.
* A new File▸Save▸Save All menu item has been added.
* In text comparisons, the Cmd+S keyboard shortcut works to save a file even when the file path entry-field has input focus.
* The effect of the binary comparison Search size field has been scaled by a factor of 100 - a value of 500 now is equivalent to a value of 5 in the previous release. This means that binary comparisons complete faster by default, at the expense of result quality. The search size value may be increased to restore the previous, default accuracy.
* Merge now opens a folder comparison when a folder path is entered into the path field of a text, image or binary comparison.
* For three-way text comparisons, the Add Synchronization Link... sheet has an option to choose the pair of files to which the link is added. (The most convenient way of adding a synchronization link is still to right-click a linking-lines panel and choose Add Synchronization Link Here.)
* The Remove All Synchronization Links commands in the text comparison context menu, toolbar item menu, and application menu now work in the same way as they do in Merge for Windows. In particular, when this command is invoked for a three-way comparison from a linking-lines panel context menu, only the links between the two linked panels will be removed. Choosing Remove All Synchronization Links from the Synchronization Links toolbar menu, or from the application menu, will remove all syncronization links between any of the three comparison panes.
* The message that appears when an invalid value is entered into the binary comparison Search size field has been updated to include the permitted range.
* The presentation of the This file has been modified outside of Merge by another application. message has been modernized.
* The Understanding automatic merge results documentation has been re-written for both file and folder comparisons.
* Indenting with the Tab key (when enabled) now works in the same way as in Merge for Windows.
* Instructions for integrating Merge with Path Finder 7 have been added.
* The File▸Open▸Open Saved Options... and File▸Save As▸Save Options As... menu items have been renamed to Open Saved Preferences... and Save Preferences As..., respectively.

Defects fixed
* In text comparisons, the positions of synchronization links are appropriately adjusted when lines are inserted/removed.
* The instructions have been reworded and corrected on the warning sheet that appears when conflicts are detected in an automatic merge of a three-way file comparison.
* The mouse pointer always displays as an arrow when hovering over merging buttons. Previously, it could show as a caret in certain circumstances.
* Re-comparisons triggered by a preference change (e.g. in whitespace handling) or panel-swapping now correctly update change-block highlighting when the Don't show changes within lines option is enabled.
* In-panel informational messages no longer flicker when comparison highlighting is refreshed.
* Users are no longer inappropriately prompted to save binary comparisons in certain situations where the comparison would be closed or reloaded.
* The Cmd+S keyboard shortcut has been disabled for empty image and binary comparisons.
* When the display of timestamps is turned on for a folder comparison, the rightmost column of the comparison no longer has an unnecessary vertical divider.
* It is no longer possible for text to be inserted at a different location from the cursor when whitespace is visible and line-wrapping is configured to break lines at word boundaries.
* For binary comparisons, commands to mark lines as resolved have been removed.
* Selecting items in the Preferences ▸ Whitespace toolbar menu appropriately update the related items in the Preferences dialog, and vice versa.
* Icons in the folder comparison copy-progress sheet are vertically aligned correctly.
* Icons in the folder comparison proposed actions sheet (shown when performing an automatic merge) are vertically aligned correctly.
* Merge no longer crashes in certain circumstances when performing a binary comparison.
* For text and folder comparisons, the Previous Edit and Next Edit toolbar buttons (and related menu items) are disabled when there are no edits.
* The main application window no longer moves after opening a saved comparison.
* When opening a saved comparison, the dialog asking whether saved preference should be applied has been given a sensible caption.

OS - MacOSX 10.9 or Later

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