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LyX Bundle 2.1.4 2.2.0 RC 1

Автор: Bo0mB0om » 7 сентября 2016
LyX Bundle 2.1.4  2.2.0 RC 1
LyX Bundle 2.1.4 / 2.2.0 RC 1 | 224/237 Mb
LyX is, in essence, a document processor, but behind this rather generic title, there is a versatile editing platform where the focus falls on the appearance of the documents as much as on the way they are edited.

It is an open-source, cross-platform project that enhances the document management experience, allowing for the results to look professional, while the integrity of the content is in no way affected.

Thanks to its TeX / LaTeX support, academicians and students will no longer have a hard time writing formulae and will be able to produce science articles and books in a significantly easier manner than with a classic document editor.

LyX's appearance is similar to most word processors, but looks is not its primary focus. Despite resembling the competition, LyX provides so much more in terms of functionality. It's got rich support for documents, including Word, PDF, RTF, HTML, Postcript and OpenDocument, with extensive import and export options.

On top of basic editing features, such as cut, paste, spell checking, undo, redo, the program comes with a lot of goodies in what the outline and formatting of a document is concerned. You can create indexes, labels and bibliographies, table of contents, lists, headings, to name just a few.

With LyX, you will be able to incorporate tables and even external images inside a document and edit them with the aid of a built-in graphic utility. In addition, the formula editor allows for the easy creation of equations, matrices, theorems, with the possibility to define macros for later use.

Existing documents can be tracked for changes; in fact, you can compare several different editions of the same document and keep tabs on the modifications with the least of efforts.

In conclusion, LyX is so much more than a word processor. It pays attention to the structure of a file while also providing several editing possibilities, therefore covering all the aspects characteristic to document creation.

Math/science features:
• Mathematical formula editor which is easily best of breed. Fully harnesses the power of LaTeX.
• Equations can be entered via point-and-click interface or via keyboard with LaTeX commands (optionally via auto-completion). Formulas are immediately visually rendered on screen.
• Copy/paste to and from LaTeX source code.
• Equation arrays, equation numbering, theorems, customizable math macros, matrices, algorithms, and much more.
• Support of math macros
• Basic support for various Computer Algebra Systems (CAS) - Maple, Maxima, Octave, Mathematica

Structured document creation:
• Advanced features for labels, references, index and bibliography (including advanced BibTeX support)
• Standard word processor operations, like cut/paste, multiple open documents, undo/redo, spellchecking (uses aspell in the background), thesaurus and revision tracking
• Different textclasses allow you to type letters, articles, books, movie scripts, LinuxDoc, slides, presentations. Also included are some textclasses for scientific societies, such as AMS, APS, IEEE, or specific journals like Astronomy and Astrophysics.
• Dedicated modules let you dynamically enhance the functionality of the textclass by adding features that are needed for specific tasks (such as endnotes, linguistic glosses)
• Numbered section headings, table of contents (with hypertext functionality), lists of figures/tables
• The outliner mode allows for easy navigating in your document as well as for moving or nesting complete chapters and sections
• Character styles provide access to fully semantic markup

• Support for many graphic formats (including XFig, Dia and others)
• WYSIWYG for cropping, rotation, scaling of images
• Enhanced support for intelligently floating figures and tables
• Support for subfigures, subtables and captions
• Support for wrapped figures and tables
• Interactive WYSIWYG tables
• Shared (geometry) settings for multiple figures

• Support for writing documents in many languages of the world
• Bidi support for Right-to-Left languages such as Hebrew and Arabic
• Support for many writing systems (including CJK)
• Write multilingual documents consisting of diverse languages and scripts thanks to unicode compliance.
• Menus, error messages, manuals and key bindings are available in many languages

Document formats:
• Access to all LaTeX functionality with capability to insert plain LaTeX code anywhere in a document.
• Import and export to many formats (LaTeX, PDF, Postscript, DVI, ASCII, HTML, OpenDocument, RTF, MS Word, and others) thanks to configurable converters
• Send a fax from within LyX
• Source code viewer for instant LaTeX and DocBook view.
• SGML-tools support (DocBook DTDs)
• Literate programming support (noweb, Sweave)
• Support for export of PDF bookmarks and header information

Usability/user interface:
• Graphical user interface that gives access to all functions via menus and mouse, as well as configurable key bindings
• Extensive documentation, including a beginner's tutorial, available in many languages
• Text completion support

Document management:
• Change tracking
• Support for external version control systems
• Branches for having different versions of the same document
• Yellow sticky notes

New in version 2.1.4
(July 31, 2015)

New support for PDF forms.
New method to view PDF files if Acrobat Reader is used as PDF viewer: Clicking the view button will also update the PDF view.
Add low-resolution PDF export format (needs an installed ghostscript).
Add possibility via the layout file to prevent LyX from loading inputenc.
Add Sweave and knitr importers (bug 8734).
Correctly save files created from the command line (bug 9544).

The icons for Standard, Itemize and Enumerate layouts are now toggled properly (bug 9463).
support for the math commands \lvert, \rvert, \lVert, and \rVert (bug 3538).
Fix some missing symbols in math completer.
Fix the profile script used on cygwin to comply with the latest cygwin/X X server which, by default, does not anymore listen to tcp connections.
Add a "Do not show again" checkbox to the warning that is issued when the LaTeX class/packages are missing for a given layout (bug 9420).
Fix display of limits for some math operators provided by stmaryrd.sty (bug 9458).
Allow using icon names other than lfun's as argument for "info-insert icon".
Add icons for the "Fonts" math panel.
Split different indices in the outliner (bug 7012).
Clarify the function of Tools > Preferences > Look & Feel > Save Documents Compressed by Default (bug 7822).
Update instant previews when modifying the screen zoom factor (bug 8258).

New example file "PDF-form.lyx" describing the new support for PDF forms.
New Brazilian Portuguese translation of the LyX user interface localization.
New French and German translation of the MultilingualCaptions example file.
New French translation of the PDF-comment example file.
New German translation of the FeynmanDiagrams example file.
Updated Arabic, Finnish, French, German, Italian, Norwegian, Slovak and Swedish user interface localization.

Allow automake 1.15.
Use symlinks for duplicated dictionaries and thesauri when creating the package on Mac OS X.

Bug fixes:

Update path of included files when saving a document to a different location (bugs 9528, 5115).
Fix LaTeX errors caused by too late loading of fixltx2e package (bugs 9452, 9361).
Fix loading order of amsmath and amsthm, thereby prevent a LaTeX error (bug 7233).
Do not output \protect unnecessarily before \caption (bug 9177).
Do not output \protect unnecessarily in subfigure contents (bug 9421).
Do \protect phantoms in fragile environments (such as captions) (bug 9456).
Fix LaTeX error with font sizes in caption (bug 9470).
Fix wrong listings preamble encoding (bug 9382).
Fix reversion of beamer description overlay arguments.
Fix loading of bicaption package (bug 9449).
Use local babel language switch in fixed width cells in order to prevent unwanted whitespace (bug 9455).
Mark the \lightning symbol as textmode such that it can be inserted in a text mode environment without being enclosed in \ensuremath by LyX.
Take into account compressed documents when creating a LyX archive.
Fix test for urwclassico font (bug 9576).
Fix issues with instant preview and math macros (bugs 6369 and 9354).
Fix instant preview for the Math manual (bug 9508).
Fix instant preview when a preview snippet produces errors (bug 9510).
Fix instant preview of included documents in child documents (bug 9583).
Do not add paragraph break on environments with font change if the environments only have one paragraph (bug 9598).
Make sure to generate a preview for global macros when they appear in a document containing only a single math inset.
Use the correct font size in previews also with document classes using a special syntax for setting the size of fonts (such as powerdot).

Fix conversion of frame ends when frame is nested in inset (bug 9409).
Fix conversion of beamer block arguments where the overlay argument and the closing title argument bracket share the same ERT (bug 9411).
Fix conversion of beamer colloraries with argument (bug 9478).
Fix handling of the TEXINPUTS environment variable on Windows (bug 9453).
Make lyx2lyx more robust, add the initial comment line that says what is the lyx version that created the document if none is present (bug 9279).

Fix crash when closing LyX on MacOS X (bug 8637).
Fix crash with undo/redo (bug 9432).
Undo all changes in one operation after "replace all" in advanced search (bug 8658).
Record undo properly when changing multiple paragraphs parameters (bug 9437).
Fix cursor font after undoing a font-changing command (bug 9537).
Reset cursor font when entring an inset with char-forward/backward (bug 9597).
Fix crash when attempting to restore a document with multiple views on the Mac (bug 9483).
Fix insertion of spaces in macro definitions (bug 9432).
Fix crash when copying macros with arguments (bug 9418).
Fix crash when copying macros with instant preview on.
Fix bad cursor font in some cases after changing layout (bug 4294).
Fix logic error in on-screen font shape (bug #3519).
Fix name and hint of figure captions in documents using the class aastex.
Fix output encoding information for non-TeX fonts XeTeX/LuaTeX on preview pane (bug 8919).
Work around limitations of external image viewers on windows (bug 8892).
Do not display unwanted curly brackets in multi-line formulas (happened if the first character in a row was a '[') (bug 8679).
Fix keyboard navigation in the math matrix panel (bug 9392).
Correctly inform if URW Garamond (ugm) font is not available (bug 9429).
Do not offer unsupported macros like \biggg in autocompletion.
Fix consecutive merging of tabular cells.

Fix crash with missing optional or wrong arguments for:
Fix selection of Interlingua user interface (bug 9267).
Delete empty paragaphs as needed when navigating the document using outline mode (bug 9479).
Fix selection issue when cursor moves out of an inset (bug 2346).
Pressing "End" no longer exits math inset under certain conditions (bug 9289).
Allow cursor to exit table when in selection mode (bug 9291).
Fix selection at borders of insets (bug 9487).
Remove conflicting accelerator to "Master's perspective" in the View Source pane (bug 9495).
Update previews after find/replace (bug 7242).
Fix button logic in box dialog (bug 9543).
Fix default style of broadway layout.
Fix button logic in table settings dialog (bug 9570).
Fix wrong alignment of inline previews occurring in some cases (bug 7850).
Fix math preview for LuaTeX or XeTeX default output mode (bug 9371).
Fix shortcut conflicts (bug 9567).
Fix crash when using a secondary keymap but no primary one (bug 9685).

Fix parsing of Requires layout tag if it uses tabs instead of spaces (bug 9518).
Don't repeatedly check for missing programs when reconfiguring.
Backport of the fix for bug 9659 from master.

Write fixed encoding to LyX file if -fixedenc was given (bug 9178).

Fix a configuration error on Windows causing that TeX files were not scanned.
Add "Keywords" to lyx.desktop file (bug 9414).
Fix several compilation warnings (bug 9488).
Fix build with gcc 5.1 using libstdc++ with C++11 ABI.
Fix bash-ism in ./ script.
Update path_prefix in lyxrc.dist for Mac OS X.
Add the MacTeX installation location and remove very old unusable items.

New in version 2.2.0 RC 1 (April 14, 2016)
HiDPI display support:
LyX has been prepared to look good on HiDPI displays (such as Retina). This includes display of text, icons and graphics. Implemented by Stephan Witt, Enrico Forestieri and others. HiDPI support requires LyX to be built with Qt5.5 (Qt 5.6 under Windows).

Qt5 support:
LyX can be built with Qt5 (Qt4 is still supported and an official toolkit). Note that, due to a Qt5 bug that affects keyboard input, we strongly suggest to build against Qt 5.5. (Qt 5.6 under Linux)
New text display algorithm:
The code that displays LyX document text on screen has been partly rewritten. Metrics computation and painting are now done at line level and they share a lot more code. This leads to several improvements:
Text uses proper kerning and ligatures, which is only of aesthetic value for western languages, but very important for some languages like Hebrew, Arabic or Thai. The code that handled explicitly Hebrew and Arabic has been removed, and LyX now relies on Qt for string rendering.
Line breaking is done correctly in languages like Chinese where spaces are not in use.
Rendering speed is much improved on all platforms by the new code, which draws longer strings of text at once. This is especially true for Mac OS X, which suffered big performance issues because text had to be drawn character by character. The same issue existed for right-to-left text and is now fixed.
This work also paves the way for other improvements in text rendering, since the code base is cleaner.

Horizontal scrolling for large insets:
DocumentedThis implements horizontal scrolling of rows to allow editing insets (math, tabular...) that are larger than the screen. The scrolling happens as the cursor moves, in order to make sure that the cursor is always visible.
This feature is the result of the work of Hashini Senaratne as part of Google Summer of Code 2013. The code has been cleaned-up for inclusion and remaining bugs have been fixed.

New separators and improved control of paragraph breaks:
Documented Splitting of consecutive environments has been reworked and enhanced by Enrico Forestieri. The Separator environment has been removed and replaced by a separator inset. This new separator is introduced with Edit > Start new environment (Alt+P Enter) or by pressing Enter in an empty Standard paragraph that immediately follows a non-standard one (e.g. enumerate environments).
In addition, LyX no longer outputs superfluous blank lines in the LaTeX output, which could be understood by LaTeX as paragraph breaks and cause undesirable vertical space in some situations. In replacement, there are now two separator insets: plain separators (splits consecutive environments) and parbreak separators (does the same and introduce a blank line in the LaTeX output). The plain separator (displayed as a horizontal line) is introduced as described above. The parbreak separator is introduced by turning a plain separator into a parbreak from the context menu.
Note: In order to preserve the output of 2.1 documents, the conversion into 2.2 documents introduces inline parbreak separators (latexpar) to simulate the behavior of LyX 2.1 in terms of blank lines. Users are simply made aware that previous LyX versions were silently introducing par breaks that now are explicitly indicated. These separators may be removed where desired.

Improved text color support:

Documented LyX supports now also the following text colors:
brown, darkgray, gray, lightgray, lime, orange, olive, pink, purple, teal, violet

Improved box dialog:
Documented It is now possible to specify in the box dialog the line thickness, the box separation, the shadow size, the frame color and the background color. (Support for the LaTeX commands \fboxrule, \fboxsep, \shadowsize, \fcolorbox and \colorbox).

Improved table context menu:

Documented The table context menu is now much cleaner:
The table properties are grouped in submenus.
It is possible to access the table settings dialog directly from the main menu.
One can toggle the formal table style and multi-page feature via the menu.

Reworked instant preview:
Documented The appearance and performance of instant preview has been much improved. Also, some long-standing issues with previews are fixed. Done by Scott Kostyshak and Enrico Forestieri.

Enhanced source panel:
The source panel is better, faster. Long-standing issues are solved. Generation is done asynchronously so it no longer slows down the editing when auto-update is on.
It also uses Qt's highlighting feature. The precision of forward-search is also increased accordingly. Do not hesitate to report any remaining bugs about the source view panel.
The highlighted table row is also highlighted in the source panel.

Improved outliner and navigation menu:
There is now a list of math macros. Using the outline pane, one can now navigate the macro definitions, order them by order of appearance or alphabetically, and - at last! - find them using the filter.
Lists of figures, tables and listings are now easier to navigate; in particular the float/sub-float hierarchy is correctly represented.
This comes with global improvements to the navigation menu and the outliner, which are now more convenient and consistent, including:
In all lists, entries that are disabled (i.e. either in a note or in an inactive branch) are now marked with the symbol ✖.
The navigation menus are no longer removed if they are too long; one can choose between scrolling the menu and opening the outliner.

Enhanced language support:
Documented Polyglossia is now also used with LuaTeX if "automatic" is set as language package option.

New supported languages:
Georgian, implemented by Uwe Stöhr
Swiss variant of German (old and new spelling, via Babel), implemented by Jürgen Spitzmüller
Austrian variant of German (via Polyglossia, complementing already existing support via Babel), implemented by Jürgen Spitzmüller
Ancient variant of Greek (via Babel, complementing already existing support via Polyglossia), implemented by Jürgen Spitzmüller

New supported LaTeX commands:
Documented Further support for the LaTeX package mathtools. This allows to use the math commands \xhookleftarrow, \xRightarrow, \xrightharpoondown, \xrightharpoonup, \xrightleftharpoons, \xleftarrow, \xLeftarrow, \xleftharpoondown, \xleftharpoonup, \xleftrightarrow, \xLeftrightarrow, \xleftrightharpoons and \xmapsto. Implemented by Uwe Stöhr.
Documented Support for the basic LaTeX environment verbatim* via LyX's standard environment selection menu. Implemented by Uwe Stöhr.

Layout enhancements:
Documented "Short Titles" are now inserted with a copy of the title as initial content. Implemented by Jürgen Spitzmüller.
Documented It is now possible to treat individual characters verbatim by layouts and styles. Implemented by Jürgen Spitzmüller.
Documented The setting options of paragraph indentation can now be defined per style. Implemented by Jürgen Spitzmüller.
Documented Non-PassThru styles and insets can now output paragraph breaks as newline. Implemented by Jürgen Spitzmüller.
Documented New layout for articles in Journals of International Union of Crystallography (ICUr). For more info see this Wiki page. Implemented by Uwe Stöhr.
Documented Improved layout for articles in the Journal of Statistical Software (JSS). For more info see this Wiki page. Implemented by Uwe Stöhr.
Documented The layout for the modernCV document class supports now to set a style option and to choose from different icon sets. For an example see the file modernCV.lyx in LyX's examples folder. Implemented by Uwe Stöhr

Module enhancements:
Documented Jürgen Spitzmüller added native support for structure trees (via the forest package) to the Linguistics module.
Documented Jürgen Spitzmüller has rewritten the Glosse insets of the Linguistics module. Now normal text can be entered, and the encoding limitations are gone.
Documented Support for the LaTeX commands \reflectbox, \resizebox, \rotatebox and \scalebox via the module GraphicBoxes. For a description see section Rotated and Scaled Boxes of the EmbeddedObjects manual. Implemented by Jürgen Spitzmüller and Uwe Stöhr.
Documented Extended Fancy Colored Boxes module: There are now 5 different box types you can customize for your needs. The module also supports now subtitles for boxes and to arrange boxes in a raster. For a detailed description see the specific manual Colored Boxes in LyX's Help menu. Contributed by Uwe Stöhr.
Documented New modules for TODO and FIXME notes have been added by Jürgen Spitzmüller.
Documented Support for chemical hazard and precautionary statements via the module Hazard and Precautionary Statements. For a detailed description see the specific manual Hazard and Precautionary Statements in LyX's Help menu. Added by Uwe Stöhr.
Documented A new module Paragraph Lists (paralist) has been added by Georg Baum.
Documented A new module Variable-width Minipages has been added, based on the LaTeX package varwidth. It provides a variable-width minipage whose resulting width is the actual width of its contents.
A new module Change bars has been added: with change tracking and "Show Changes in Output" enabled, this module will add vertical bars in the margin of the output file where changes occur. It requires the LaTeX changebar package and works only with DVI, PDF (pdflatex), PDF (ps2pdf) and Postscript output. Contributed by Paul A. Rubin.
All theorems modules provide now the environments Solution and Solution*. Implemented by Uwe Stöhr.
The module AMS-Extended theorems now also supports the environments Question and Question*. Implemented by Jürgen Spitzmüller.

New preferences settings:
Documented Jürgen Spitzmüller added a new option to disable pasting by pressing the middle mouse button.

New converters:
Documented Microsoft's .docx format (known as Office Open XML) is now recognized by LyX for conversions. The conversion is done by the external program Pandoc (if you have this installed). LyX is therefore not responsible for the quality of the conversion.
LyX supports to use Pandoc to convert OpenDocument files.

It is now possible to view the output even if a LaTeX error occurred. Use at your own risk. Implemented by Scott Kostyshak.
LyX now reports BibTeX and biber errors in the error dialog. Implemented by Jürgen Spitzmüller.
Documented It is now possible to directly open the temporary compilation directory with the button "Open Containing Directory" in the LaTeX log.
LyX indicates now if a document is read-only by adding a lock symbol to its tab:
Documented It is now possible to toggle the read-only state of a document via the menu Document→Disable Editing.
Math commands now handle the current selection more consistently, in particular when the selection includes text.
Ctrl+M now inserts \text in math mode instead of \mbox, and Ctrl+Enter introduces by default an AMS align environment instead of an eqnarray.
The insert table dialog has now also a visual table size selection.

LyX Bundle - installs a fully functional and complete LyX setup including a LaTeX distribution and a bibliography manager.

OS: Windows XP / Vista / 7 / 8 / 8 64-bit


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