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TrustViewer 1.2.24 build 0818 Portable

Автор: Bo0mB0om » 7 сентября 2016
TrustViewer 1.2.24 build 0818 Portable
TrustViewer 1.2.24 build 0818 Portable | 3.8 Mb

The program TrustViewer allows you to quickly make a remote access to the desktop, share files or make a video call; it has a small size, does not require installation or registration, is running on computer with minimal user rights; it is safe, easy and convenient to use.

TrustViewer program has been specifically designed for operational support for users through the Internet: client needs just to download the application with a short address, run it, select the access mode to a computer and tell the session ID to the support service. Herewith, at the client's side the program starts up without mandatory installation on the computer, even with minimal user rights, does not require setting the firewall or proxy, and is automatically updated if the support is using a newer version. Attention! For maximum effectiveness and safety, connection to a remote computer is implemented by method of direct connection "point to point" without involving the Internet servers; this means that at least at one of the parties (usually it's the support service) the computer must be configured to receive incoming Internet connections or be connected to a specialized proxy server, and in most cases the program can make all the necessary settings automatically. If the direct connection is impossible, the user will be offered to make a connection via one of the web servers, but in this case there may be limitations of the functional of a program, depending on server load.

TrustViewer is designed to work in all versions of Windows 32/64 bit (technical support is available starting with version Windows XP SP3). For the full operation of the program on the client's side it is enough to have minimum rights of user of level "Guest". Program supports work in local network and Internet - networks IPv4/IPv6. As an application protocol is used HTTP / HTTPS, and if necessary is used API WinInet to automatically connect to the proxy with Kerberos / NTLM-authorization. Connection between computers-participants, if possible, is done by direct connection "point to point" with minimal attraction of Internet - servers (hybrid p2p - network). Secure connection between computers is provided by cryptographic protocols SSL / TLS and their analogues based on RSA, AES and MD5. Program, as well as all updates (full and incremental), is protected by digital signatures.

Installation and configuration.
In most cases, installation of a program is not required - at every startup optimal operation parameters are determined automatically, but in this case to change and save settings "By default" is not possible. To install application click "Install TrustViewer on this computer" button, located on the main form of the program, and follow the instructions. After the automatic restart of the program it is possible to change and save settings, the most important of which is the configuration of inbound Internet connections. Press "Menu" and select "Settings", then "Connections". It is recommended to use the automatic detection mode of all available Internet addresses of a computer. If no address is available, check settings of the router (UpNP mode must be enabled), Teredo (service must be enabled and configured), and make sure that your antivirus and the firewall do not block port for incoming connections (by default it is port 443). In some cases, it is required to specify the address for incoming Internet connections manually. Attention! For corporate networks it is recommended to configure the connection to a specialized proxy server, in this case, the external Internet address is received automatically.

Specialized proxy server.
At the download page is available for download free specialized proxy server "TrustServer", prescribed for installation on servers with operating systems Windows and Linux, and that allows client applications in corporate networks to accept incoming Internet connections. TrustServer can be installed on a public Internet server in mode https-proxy, and on the local server of an organization in mode socks5-proxy, moreover in the latter case an additional configuration of the client applications is not required - server will be detected automatically. In addition, automatic connection of client applications to the public Internet server is also possible; it is enough to configure and run TrustServer in mode of cascade server on the local server of the organization (used only for automatic setting, all traffic will be routed through the parent server). For complete information on setting up the program TrustServer, run it with parameter "?". In a client application, server address can also be specified explicitly, open the menu "Settings", "Connections" - "Additional", then on the tab "TrustServer" uncheck "Automatically detect server" and enter the server address and port.

Connecting to a remote computer.
Connecting to a remote computer starts selecting the type of session by the customer - easy (button "Give access to this computer") or advanced (button "File exchange, video calls, etc.")), after that he reports its session identifier. After that support specialist clicks "Connect to Remote Desktop" and enters identifier received from the client. Attention! Next to identifier entry field there is a status icon of incoming Internet connections; if the sign "warning.gif", is displayed, then your computer is not configured to accept incoming connections, and the connection to the remote computer by direct connection "point to point" is only possible if it is in the same local network or the client's computer is configured to accept incoming Internet connections, otherwise the connection will be made via one of the Internet servers.

Access to remote desktop.
In a simplified version of the session, before your report your identifier, the client can choose the level of access to a computer - "Only view of desktop" or "Full access to this computer". In the case of the extended session after the connection has been established between computers, - support specialist makes a request of connection to the desktop (button comp.gif), and the client receives the request, specifying the access level. If the client has chosen the access level with the right of only view of a desktop, but full access to your computer is required - support specialist can make a request in the current session (button mq.gif). In full access mode are available without confirmation "send clipboard contents" (button up.gif) and "get the contents of the clipboard" (button down.gif), and in clipboard can be transferred files and folders (in this case is also displayed a dialog box indicating the location folder).

File exchange, video calls and etc.
In case of advanced communication sessions, except for the connection to a remote desktop, are also available audio calls (button headphone.gif) and video calls (button cam.gif), for the implementation of which the calling party makes the corresponding request, and the receiving party - confirms. Also chat is available; except messaging it also supports sending attached files in the form of files, folders and contents of the clipboard (button attach.gif). History of the communication session, including the sent messages and attachments - are saved to disk. To view the communication session log, in the main menu select "Settings", then "Main" and "Archiving messages", click open.

Whats New:
Updates: official site does not provide any info about changes in this version

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(Buy premium account for maximum speed and resuming ability)

Перед тем как скачать TrustViewer 1.2.24 build 0818 Portable бесплатно, без смс, регистрации, на халяву, через торрент, рекомендуем прочитать отзывыо TrustViewer 1.2.24 build 0818 Portable.

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